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hello. i noticed i have a super soldier bucket list of some sort. perhaps you will think its interesting enough to create your own. my list:

1. martial arts learning of course. do what works for you. at the moment im gravitating towards kali escrima and kung fu. wing chun and title boxing cardio class would be a add on. title boxing has workouts that come from boxing. i could always brush up on taekwondo for fitness.

2. basic education. its a old teaching to be a warrior and a scholar. so at least focus on being a expert on math and languages. that includes computer code if its down your ally.

3. driving. driving class is interesting. for education there is defensive driving, stick shift school, rally, and, stunts, and classes geared towards security. note that truckers/cdl can have a job almost all the time.

4. shooting. kali has a weapon category of shooting as well but i will make this separate. at least shooting with a pistol. the mk ultras brother called john stormm has said that professionals used the 9mm and it seems to be the most common if you search google. there is virtual shooting classes near me and that includes for law enforcement. so perhaps check that out to.

honorable mention: i would include music but it seems to be mostly a faith background thing for some people. such as biblical storys/the book of psalms. i still think music is awesome. 2. security guard classes but that seems like more for a job to me.

well that is it. just an idea for you. what else would you add?

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