Hi You ALL I have to do this post on what is occurring in Nature  . The Planets ' are not Okay ! Its very serious n concerning . ALL Creation affected  !

For practical purposes a copy of a  text I sent :

" ...... Uranus was smacked ' by an Asteriod like size of Earth ! And now is On His Side . I just read .

That Venus Picture I sent You . * Its supposedly Venus . Which Ive noticed She didnt look normal with the naked eye in 2018 . I took a screenshot of the video taken recently from Ireland .

And Moon ! * Charts attached indicating The Moon is now supposedly in the night Sky for 8 nights in a Month n for only a few hours visable ?? .

* This spawned by me not seeing Moon at ALL for two nights in a row n concerned . After looking at the charts . The Moon appeared for a view , looking compromised n 4th Dimension n Animation Sun Plasma too . Went back to take a Picture about 15 Minutes later The Moon hiding behind the Tree branches about 50 degrees downward , not even in an elipictical movement !

WTF ?? Are You listening to me ?

...... Im telling You , its looking what Blondie was saying in Her lyrics in that Rapture song . N Salvador Dali painting ! With Time melting too ? Im telling You we have to do    Normalizing !

Its getting beyond scarey . We cannot take any chances with Nature n whats happening is not Natural or Nature Spiritually n Respected . Nature = LoveMagical Nuclear Nuclei Creation ItSelf . Family - The Elements ! I learned in Feng Shui Compass    School . 

Its No joke n its getting worse n worse ?? Nature is freaking Out !There is No where go after this n we cant be floating in Space , Being     regurgitated ..  

And the Sun was about 10 degrees more East today too . 

* Along with Pictures from NASA from a video that The Sun is moving Clockwise  , when He is supposedly stationary , n we orbit around . Maybe a Good thing  '   I was ( explained in my comment  on the video ) thinking but then this Morning 10  Degrees off more East looking in the sky .  I saw in the Morning that more in the East n then at 12 Noon definitely Not at the 12 O ' Clock !   Two Days after a saw the Pictures of The Sun ~ The Son on a video from Nasa . I'll try to find my comment on that video too .

.....Im telling You , its looking what Blondie was saying in Her lyrics in that Rapture song . N Salvador Dali painting ! With Time melting too ? Im telling You we have to do   Normalizing ! "

The * is addition to the text I sent .


No jezebel n jezos Highest Universal Crime design  !

The Sun screenshots of my comment on the video showing NASA Pictures of The Sun moving Clockwise  has special significance to The signing of            The US Constitution  .   * That video is not in my History or On YT or in Google's  search . Attachements of my comments on the video below .


ALL Creation Sovereign ~ Humanity Anchorage !

PerpetualPeaceLove , FoverInfinity 




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And You wont believe what Im seeing in The Animal Kingdom too ,    Gods Children  . Veganism , as also Cosmic Universal Beings Veganism  . ALL evil stems from Cosmic origin of vampirism n cannibalism . The Universe can not be done or Borne into this horiffic Crime set down . We are ALL about to get consumed into Macro Universe down spiral Collaspe and beyond rude  n stupid affected into ph n pz  evil hate = pain as Element baseline on ALL Creation ?

You guys ' are in Your mindz without mind control allowing this to occur ? Not acceptable  ! None of it is Okay .

ShutItDown Please  !


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