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Hello. Wish i had a better title but at the same time perhaps google search of public posts can help the site get more members. So i caught wind of a youtuber called that star wars girl. This is because she was doing reveiws on starwars and marvel movies. She even commented on game of throwns and has reactions to things like the captain marvel movie.  I guess this girl was just fighting for franchises the fans loved. I stay away from sensitive topics but looks like current movies are a little woke/obvious when programming the public. Especially disney owned companys. 

Then that starwars girl's sister wound up missing. Im started to connect it to a green light of a illuminati or government abduction. For examlle 1. That starwars girl is outspoken and alot of people love her .She has 100 thousand subscribers. 2. Its 11:11 as i write this. The idea comes from new age thinking meaning sycranicity . 3. The masonic/ illuminati numerology kind of points to foul play. The girl is 22. Which means a warrior for truth .They hate number 22 the most. She disapeared on six/ 23. They like the number six . to them 23 makes five and they like 5. Five shows up everywhere. Even micheal jordan wore five/ 23 . anyway if you dont believe me as far as numbers a terror attack happened on 9/11. Which means end awakening. 9 is end and 11 is awakenning . They killed president j.f.k. on 11/22. Which is awakening and a warrior for truth . 4. El is another name for bael. A god they seem to worship. The girls name is ELen. Lovely name though. I dont knock it .Not to mention she drove a toyota and the sybol looks like a bull. The bull is another god they like . on version is moloch. Maybe no coincidence toyota is a good build .

Anyway if you wish to attempt to help the girl and her family please do. The girls name is ellen. She is 22. Drove a toyota 4runner. last tract in san fransisco usa because someone used her card for uber. Her sister anna aka that starwars girl said she loved the beach. So she is posibly found on the beach in california. Especially the bay area. 

Anyway i have not obtained a way to get in contact with anyone but reply with any comments or if you are going to try to help so the community knows whats going on. Maybe i can help to contact people like that star wars girl but my hands are pretty much tied with the subject. Thought i would post cuz its a interesting case and i dont like it when the system bothers americans for nothing. I will attempt to attach pics. stay safe and be well. 


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update:  a interesting update happened. This girl is reported to be passed away. The interesting thing is i havnt heard of how. That star wars girl was physically looking for her sister and now she is saying she passed away. I will say 2 things.1 people come back from being presumed dead. Ask the ohio girl amanda berry. 2. not saying how she passed may indicate a senstive topic. Such as hand of illuminati in the situation. so they cant mention it. Or simply depression happened and was leathal in this case .i will leave this up for a bit. Replys are still welcomed .Best wishes. 

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