Hello. Im looking into being a astral milab myself. So i thought it would be great to have a community dream log. Anyone can post dreams and astral activities here. 

I will go first. i have dreams with very minor powers. Like fly or teleport. Also a minor combat power like weaponized umbra kinesis. Then something happened recently. 

I got angry in a dream and had powers in dream time.  I was flying and hovering while generating high force winds and lightning with clouds. i generated a storm on steroids but could not get electricity to come out of my hands. this is not like me. While this was going on i made explosions at will from a distance like modern artillery fire.  i just hope no milab was in the same dream space. I dont think im activating. As a milab but who knows. 

Shortly after my manager joked about thor with me in real life . thats called syncranicity. now its your turn. 

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@Nate YPX Grey interesting dreams. Also some of those seem scary. I hate to see the night where i have a dream that is about abduction and being expirimented on. If im looking at being a milab the abduction or expiriments is one thing i missed in both astral and real life. One reason why i look at if im actually a joe citizen. i heard of falling in a dream but thats extreme falling. I mostly fly in dreams if anything but wonder what being simply anti gravity is like. if the anti gravity dream was in another star system it would kind of make sense. i also heard of accidents on mars via youtube. I guess one could be on mars or the moon via dream. Same with starships via dreams. Im not a expert. Just giving it a thought. 

Update: hello everyone. Last night i had a odd dream i should record on here. In a dream i worked for george w. bush . if you dont know that was the secound bush president of my country. In the dream space i was a willing pilot if i had clearence to do so. when i told george bush i cant eat meat he got very angry like its a requitement to eat meat if this worker was supplied with it. He even asked why. While in dream time i was curious if he was a non earth entity in hiding. Its a curious dream because its a old leader and the real life choice of no meat for me was questioned . In theory my okay to meat is my kryptonite as a unusual humanoid. This is not the case for everone.  Which means i may be joe average forever if i choose to have meat. have a good one. This dream post is for everyones update on interesting dreams. Not just mine. 

Been a Vegetarian since 1985 . Im a wannabe Vegan . Veganism is the Antidote to the Illing n Killing ,   Pestilence . Worse than h*** making n Galactic Collaspe , Affecting ALL   Creation  . Cosmic Veganism ( is directly affiliated with e " n h " = p*** machine erectus ) The mech , tech machine of e*** | Hatetors = Dark energy , Dark matter , nodes ( now moles like Cosmic Cancer ) , Binary Pulsars n other Nature n Cosmic Macro Universe anomalies  ' that are from anti - matter | dark mindz , e " n h " = pain machine with olde ' n new Technology = Anti : Nature , Love , Providence  , Humanity  , Children ,       Yin ~ Yang , Heaven on Earth = As Above So Below n Vice Versa Love n Respect Rules Respectively .

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I have had Prophetically Dreamt , like the 911 Towers as it was occurring n a lucid dreamer n lucid daydreamer n doer in astral ( affecting in the 3d n basically in every  d when traveled there ) .  N My Dream Dream ' Is For Humanity  , ALL Nature Creation Sovereign  from e " n h "   design , assault , attack n or rule  .

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