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well this is slightly a rough topic in a mental way but i had to post. this might be more of a guy topic but ladies can reply to. it just seems

anyway there are times where guys stare and they dont stop. when your minding your own business. there are various reasons like narcissisms or they think you looked at their partner. yes it the psyco stare you can look up. in my case im autistic. which means i tend to keep to myself including my eyes. eye contact is conscious. especially when i dont have beef. its kind of to the point of wanting to stare back. sometimes one approaches the other but if i approach i will just tell them to give me a high five. i personally dont go out anymore but its good to know and some readers might wanna know to. im curious because some of us have a interesting past with abuse and then your put into a situation where someone needs to get their eyes checked. there is also the danger of triggering a ultra. thankfully im not easily triggered but i had to ask.

a interesting side story about this: there was a guy staring at someone in the new york irish mafia. the mafia member pretty much told the guy to buy him a drink or there might be trouble. in the end the irish mafia member went to barrow a gun. his friend said yes because he was a fellow irish guy from hell's kitchen. yep someone went to prision because someone couldnt stop staring.

anyway... if you have any cool advise that would be cool. stories are ok to.

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

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well I have increased the heart rate of people by death staring at them, some one pulled a gun on me once and i gave he started getting a heart attack, then when  i looked away from him he recovered.  I suppose it was a "men that stair at goats" moment.  Death staring him might have saved my life, to this day I dont know.  I think his heart problems were related to my death stair intent.  I have heard rumors the government would use people to stair at goats to increase the heart rate and in some cases the hearts would expload or cause the goat to collapse or somthing, i dont know if this is true or not, but my personal experence seems to indicate its true if infact it was me who caused his heart problems and not just a coincidence.

@Nate YPX Grey thanks. messing with someone by staring is something to think about. i have fledgling telepath ability and i find myself on the forum. however any power would be a surprise to me. even if its making someone fall over by looking at them. well the eyes are the window to the soul. plus the ghost rider character might have had a death stare. i personally survived by simply glancing at ones face. i thought is because i have high functioning autism like many here  but maybe naturally looking away all the time is a defense thing when it comes to the soul. who knows.

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

Bless them. Your higher vibration overcomes their lower vibration like a larger rock thrown in the pond overcomes the wave of a smaller pebble. Bless them and move on, who cares what they think they are doing? If they had more going on between their ears they wouldn't be staring at you like a f... idiot.

Some people are really low density. They are thick as bricks and it will take them many, many incarnations to drag themselves from the lower rungs, if at all. It's not a judgement, just an observation. You, on the other hand, do think, do consider the needs of others and do work for the greater good. So use your smarts, open your heart, bless them, see in your mind's eye the blessing covering them from head to foot, feel the energy from your heart chakra instantaneously encircling them in a clockwise motion, surrounding them with love and then immediately move on, move your feet, turn your back on them, break their gaze and their connection to your solar plexus and get back on with your life.

If you happen to find yourself thinking about it later, file it in a box at the furthest recesses of your mind labelled, "Ghouls, fools and simpletons, who needs them?" and then get back to thinking higher vibrational thoughts... or have a sandwich, or look at the sky, life is good, no need to deal with or think of morons. Time is short, fill your moments and life with enriching thoughts and activities.

Just my perspective, it's completely up to you.

Avatar picture from: with commentary - "Hanami Planum is the third largest geological feature on Ceres, after Vendimia Planitia and the Samhain Catenae. It extends over 345 miles (555 kilometers). This image shows familiar features, such as Occator Crater, characterized both by bright material inside the crater and dark ejecta material outside."

Bright inside? Dark ejecta outside? Hmm...

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