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This a link to a FB post I did about two weeks ago regarding a local  store involving ,  gang stalking n major brand alterations n denied it was  their  product , wouldnt exchange or refund a faulty opened product| pens that didnt work , tried to withhold the PineSol again | with putting aside not charging it too , N WOULDN'T give me the Comet cleaner again , that they didnt bag the last time too , I refused  to repurchase the C**** because they charged me for it the last time , but didnt give me the product ,  n the         ( manager ) also withholding another uninvolved product , the Sugar put aside n not  charged or baged  . Bothe of which shi had to ring up separately,  with NO apologies for omitting them in the first place n the other crap too . A huge thing , other comments from spectators n Perps  to the fiasco to Humanity , NOT nice Familiars  . This after the 99cStore  was completly burned downed after another run in with the same Not nice Familiars  , Also at they at the  Bank Institution , etc .............. Very covert n overt hostile  behavior n tactics . This FB post is some background information  . Its beyond stupid rude crazy rabid out of control e " , n supposedly there are no plans for the 99cStore to be rebuilt for the Community there  !

This is the FB post :

" Hey You Guys I had to buy PineSol this month at the $1 Store . Doesnt this look like formaldehyde n or anti freeze that is at the auto store ? I dont remember this brand this color before . Look at the ingredient list . 99.6% " Other Ingredients " ( Image below ) " that each individual Ingredient is NOT Listed , as chems ! Isnt that Illegal ? And
whats occurring in the Amazon too ?

The Pinesol I never totally felt as bad to use in a
pinch so to speak ( I've used as a staple around the Home before ) , even with Lysol sometimes I would use | the old fashion household cleaner (not re the can spray much which I dont use that often , maybe as only a 911 disinfectant spray , which I had to use recently at an Airbnb , it came in handy as a gift , same with the wipes , maybe for quick cleaning while
traveling . Otherwise I rather make my own n for traveling . I did a Post ~ Thread about making Your own Natural Household Cleaners several months ago.

Anyway , what used to Be Mr . C ' n What that ? I Dunno, maybe You might have an idea .

On top of it , the cashier didnt bag my C**** which is on my receipt . N oddly this cleaner at $2.99 product wasnt listed on my receipt .

Prior to that , I wanted to buy the budget Vodka like I did on that Post ~ Thread . However , TJs is too far . N tried to purchase 99% Isophyl alcohol , another Story ' .

The 3rd Picture is the 99cStore that was about 4 blocks away from me burned a day before I was placed back into my studio . After a Horrible Crime of removing me from here on 4th of July n actually being beat up physically ( I never was before harmed that way ! )                  - by dark skinned military guy ' n tossed around from here n there n put back here in this Studio in Mar Vista , Los Angeles that was supposed to be settling finally after 16 n 9 Years of covert n overt hostile behavior n maneuvering , Not including Prior n other POVS  '" involved . After a male familiar n its counterpart the cashier , who is Everywhere jezebel including in my own supposeded inlaw family  ' .  Anyway too much .

The Dollar Store is @1.5 miles away , another 99cStore is @ 2 miles away . There are no plans to replenish the affordable food source for Families around here .  Its beyond saturated in scary black Hole abyss entrophy as insued !

Existence is non-gmo| with jezebel in anyway shape or form FoveverInfinity Divine 22 ~ Divine Division +💗 ChristLordIsInLoveExistence

* Update the joint was of high quality   $5 . My retired pipe somewhere amiss . Anyway , very long post ?



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