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 I thought I would just get this party ' started - heavy sarcasm . It's obviously Not a party And it's not funny ! I just got back about an hour ago from The K '" Store ( I  call It  n I am NOT advocating Kannibis Intake either . ) Its a very serious Plant Flower Shrub Medicine , with Specific Spiritual Purpose And Significance as well  ~ Sacred like ALL from The Divine .

Just to start off with my text to someone  to explain in short as to what I'm trying to Post about here . I have more to say as to The Biblical references to " Kaneh Bosm '" mentioned in several Spaces in Scriptures "  in both The Old And New Testaments "  . So I would have to get to my notes n Space to text You ALL It later .

* Below are screenshots of the original text to someone n a screenshot of the last words of that full text .




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20190817_130756More updates around my neighborhood . Well this long story , to cut short : I was politically removed ' from my Studio apartment which I just somehow was able to land after 3 Years straight on the road in UK ,n ALL the US Airbnb n Hoteling it . Dont know how my ExHubby was able to handle the finances however was able to . So been here in Venice ,CA for 4 months finally in one place n they kicked me out of this Studio on 4th of July weekend  . So rude I had to he out in 1 days notice , completely moved within 3 days . Anyway Airbnbs n Hotels , crazy stories too much ........ Was placed back here after about 3 weeks to a ransacked Studio ,things missing , broken things ......... The 99cStore was completely burned down the day before I moved back - n a very odd n crazy thing occurred there , an familiar basically threatened me as a stranger out of left field  . Anyway completely burned down city has no plans to replace affordable food , etc. in this also modest area . That is aside from the Kannabis store thing I wrote about , The local BofAs many odd things .......

Then another sad thing , 3 local urgent care walk in facilities with signage doesnt take MediCal or LACare State Insurance during a Homeless epidemic . One of them was a National chain CVS  - they only took the MediCal at 4 of their Stores nearby - however not at that particular Store . Anyway I complained n accusing them of not filling up the void with the other Urgent Cares only doing Vitamin Shots " n Day Spa " instead  . They ended up helping me n giving me medicine , for my ear infection . There are so many things to mention ,other than some of the buildings I was placed in were not designed logically like the Winchester Mansion ,staircases to no entrance to anywhere or another You could only  exit n enter the building with a fob key ' not with a regular key , it felt like a lock down facility in West LA . n crazy building design  too , definitely not built to code .    The local market , a health food nearby really political n something occurred there too . Other happening too ,I cant get into now . Sorry this thread isnt so proactive I'm dealing still with a lot Family issues and had to also deal with the Police , beyond rude too . I havent seen or heard from my  Children for almost a   year . My ExHubby who always seemed compromised is sketchy as targeted individual circumstancially too , somehow He has ushered me through the cracks , Hinterland n door out HopenWish He And My Family are Okay .

 The picture above is the now completely burned to the ground completely leveled 99cStore . The other pic is of the Urgent Care Walk In Clinic with signage saying the regular clinic type things on the storefront in large print . However they dont do that anymore , dont take MediCal , n now do vitamin shots ' n refer me to the next place down the street same thing Urgent Care Walk In " however only takes private insurance n is about to turn into a Day Spa " .  I complained to that one . N then went to CVS .


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  • 20190702_112900: This picture was in the 1st place I was brought to after being displaced from my new Studio , exact opposite direction of the Geomancy I required . The painting was facing the bed of a 2 bedroom Airbnb in SilverLake - Los Angeles
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Oh My Goodness more regarding the Kannabis Store . I will have to write more about it about later . Just a brief now .......  this is ALL new n from today . purchased Kannabis today in a local shop . Tax from the store  @50ShadesofPissedOff $5 , Tax from LA @ $5 , N because  they have a limit on how many credit cards still ?? - I had to use the in store ATM $2 , N ALL the prices jacked up 2xs + , No Joke ! If You purchase a Doctors card You dont pay taxes ?? Now two taxes , when the last time No tax at all ? State tax And a City tax - to fix ALL Homelessness n other Atrocities here in my city of Los Angeles  ?  What is occurring here ? I'm thinking of quitting smoking n vaping . I still want to do tea n tropicals ,  I dont think even edibles even , Not that I was ever able to get really anyway $$$  .  The medicine is being hyjacked apparently  . 

* You Guys when I was typing the @ $5 " in Yellow in the screenshot it says @$50shadesofpissedoff from SomeOne other than me typing  ! )))))))

** Somebody is insisting on the @ $50shadesofpissedoof is there , the 2nd screenshot of just the @ $5 that I keep on trying to type in . Anyway, that wasnt intended within the body of my post .

The Picture with the receipt $52 Medicine +* @ $12 taxes  (about 3 ) , and  it would have been about half the cost for the amount I purchased  .


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20190913_184216As promised , I said I would post more info on Biblical references to Kaneh bosm  , Cannabis . I took Pics of my notes from a very long video I saw a few months ago . They should show better if zoomed in . I am on my 5th day of not smoking Kaneh Bosm or Tobacco  , Yay !!!!!!  )))))                 

- Even though I'm still in pain on n off      ( however getting better ) with that ear n teeth thing  , I posted about on the Astral  monsters ' thread . It could be a tooth abscesses n infection too ( which I took 2 antibiotics for the ear thing , however that didnt get the job done  )  N maybe its  that something- somebodies thing too ( is what I truly believe n was told telepathically n saw in astral n in  Pineal , affecting me in 3d physical  .        ( ??  For Yous  )

So, I'm doing Tea Tree essential  oil *  Dont do this unless - You DO NOT  ingest in any way ! Just spit out throughly the salivation ( even wipe Your mouth n tongue with a paper towel if You have to ) , this usually worked for me with tooth issues before alone , very quickly even  , I'm very surprised it didnt this time !   N I made Gorgeous Elderberry syrup        - I highly recommend for General health n Flu n Cold season too , they also call it Sambucal,  You can get dried Elderberries too to make it !  Its supposed to be Good for some infections n I had on hand . N Oregano herb   -  a Natural pain killer compared to morphine  - Making a tooth pouch out of the dry the herb    ( the Oregano I just bought at the Mexican Store was very potent  ) in a 3x cheesecloth n a string , dipping it into a Clove , Ginger n Cinnamon decoction tea and resting my teeth on the pouch n spitting out the salivation out in a mug  ( gross ) . Also using the decoction tea with dipping a paper napkin into and placing it in between my bite n letting the solution seep in ,  ( while spitting out the excess in a mug too ) , dont swallow if You would ever want or feel necessary to try   this . Seemed to be quite affective  too . I even tried putting Wasabi on my teeth too n it seemed to work  also . Trying Everything so I can also avoid immunity with the bacteria  .

I Just thought I would share this in case anyone has trouble with teeth .

Please excuse my messy writing I'm a lefty.  I used to be able to do quick perfect block technical writing ,  not ever so Good with cursive (

Disclaimer :  Always consult YourSelf 1st n a Trusted Doctor too ! Probably better to go to Your Trusted Docs office . Its not easy for me to do now .

 * Just read Cranberry  juice  - I get the one from Trader Joe's ,  it's super potent almost not drinkable ,  it doesnt have really any sugar , if any ,  Its very high quality product , medicinal  ( I used to get for U.T. I.. s  ) is Good for Dental n Tooth decay . The Cranberry enzymes to prevent the pathogens from forming on teeth  that cause decay I read in a few  blurbs . Thought I might as post about it here . Since this post kind of turned into about  toothaches '  , a very serious problem n painful +💟


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On second thought  .......... I Just got back from the K " store . I was directed after much tribadations  n thought that I finally kicked the Cannabis smoking ( at least the Tobacco now ) . I was directed " to go back to the store that had all the beige looking Kannabis in the 15ft display   case , that I mentioned  here . Well the 3rd time in a row there I noticed the discoloration ( been there when they 1st opened n it was regular product then ) , n today ALL of them  crazy enough are still beige n hay ' looking n they are still in business -  n they are still selling their $5 Joints which I was directed to buy , even though it would break my Momentum of not ever wanting smoke again !!!!! Well never , the way I was before that's for sure ! I HopenWish not after this one , I m Happy Not to Ever to smoke again to tell You the honest  Truth . Anyhow , It smelled like Good quality , hmm could it be all the Beige were decoys for the shop to open there because of the politics ?? 

They now do the State And City tax too there .   I will let You know if the quality is above the $5 scale  . Because $5 for is very rare budget !!!! Usually it would be maybe a little less than $10 if a budget price  ,maybe $ 7 or $ 8 .

* I was able to purchase it because somehow there was a crisp $20 bill in my small side purse pocket ( which I go into often ) last night .  It definitely wasnt there for sure for a couple of weeks of handling !!!!! I've been broke for that long  (except for $10 on my c.c. which I was nursing until lately I spent it ) . So, I  thought I returned 2 items that I purchased at the $ Dollar Store a couple of weeks ago , which turned into another fiasco . I posted the backstory about it on my FB the day it occurred . N I will post it here later n the follow up . Hopefully it will still be there because ALL my Clipboard storage of all my 1,000s of writings ( except for 65 recent ) are Not there anymore  , since this morning .  You Guys ' are Not going to believe what occurred,  its total gang stalking , also involving a product - a major brand  altered ! 

Anyway,  I'm going to try this n let Yous know . I'm Not joking , I thought I wouldn't be saying it this way , I'm so sick of Everything  E " , especially smoking now feels so petty n cheap to do to Providence with my own personal Body . N it's not Christian .  ? In any rate I still appreciate the   Kaneh Bosm n Tobacco , Nature          - just Not for me to smoke anymore  !

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This a link to a FB post I did about two weeks ago regarding a local  store involving ,  gang stalking n major brand alterations n denied it was  their  product , wouldnt exchange or refund a faulty opened product| pens that didnt work , tried to withhold the PineSol again | with putting aside not charging it too , N WOULDN'T give me the Comet cleaner again , that they didnt bag the last time too , I refused  to repurchase the C**** because they charged me for it the last time , but didnt give me the product ,  n the         ( manager ) also withholding another uninvolved product , the Sugar put aside n not  charged or baged  . Bothe of which shi had to ring up separately,  with NO apologies for omitting them in the first place n the other crap too . A huge thing , other comments from spectators n Perps  to the fiasco to Humanity , NOT nice Familiars  . This after the 99cStore  was completly burned downed after another run in with the same Not nice Familiars  , Also at they at the  Bank Institution , etc .............. Very covert n overt hostile  behavior n tactics . This FB post is some background information  . Its beyond stupid rude crazy rabid out of control e " , n supposedly there are no plans for the 99cStore to be rebuilt for the Community there  !

This is the FB post :

" Hey You Guys I had to buy PineSol this month at the $1 Store . Doesnt this look like formaldehyde n or anti freeze that is at the auto store ? I dont remember this brand this color before . Look at the ingredient list . 99.6% " Other Ingredients " ( Image below ) " that each individual Ingredient is NOT Listed , as chems ! Isnt that Illegal ? And
whats occurring in the Amazon too ?

The Pinesol I never totally felt as bad to use in a
pinch so to speak ( I've used as a staple around the Home before ) , even with Lysol sometimes I would use | the old fashion household cleaner (not re the can spray much which I dont use that often , maybe as only a 911 disinfectant spray , which I had to use recently at an Airbnb , it came in handy as a gift , same with the wipes , maybe for quick cleaning while
traveling . Otherwise I rather make my own n for traveling . I did a Post ~ Thread about making Your own Natural Household Cleaners several months ago.

Anyway , what used to Be Mr . C ' n What that ? I Dunno, maybe You might have an idea .

On top of it , the cashier didnt bag my C**** which is on my receipt . N oddly this cleaner at $2.99 product wasnt listed on my receipt .

Prior to that , I wanted to buy the budget Vodka like I did on that Post ~ Thread . However , TJs is too far . N tried to purchase 99% Isophyl alcohol , another Story ' .

The 3rd Picture is the 99cStore that was about 4 blocks away from me burned a day before I was placed back into my studio . After a Horrible Crime of removing me from here on 4th of July n actually being beat up physically ( I never was before harmed that way ! )                  - by dark skinned military guy ' n tossed around from here n there n put back here in this Studio in Mar Vista , Los Angeles that was supposed to be settling finally after 16 n 9 Years of covert n overt hostile behavior n maneuvering , Not including Prior n other POVS  '" involved . After a male familiar n its counterpart the cashier , who is Everywhere jezebel including in my own supposeded inlaw family  ' .  Anyway too much .

The Dollar Store is @1.5 miles away , another 99cStore is @ 2 miles away . There are no plans to replenish the affordable food source for Families around here .  Its beyond saturated in scary black Hole abyss entrophy as insued !

Existence is non-gmo| with jezebel in anyway shape or form FoveverInfinity Divine 22 ~ Divine Division +💗 ChristLordIsInLoveExistence

* Update the joint was of high quality   $5 . My retired pipe somewhere amiss . Anyway , very long post ?



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