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Holy Snarkal Fuuck

Toltec29 ·
Psychic Transition (Ascension), and Overlord Desception. Hmm, this is where I say something, ah, let me put on some music-- Disturbed - Inside The Fire) This way I can get some tenticals to tell you things: There are some major things going down and you know the hordes are clueless so mabie casting perils short circuits my brain. I sense evil on this forum, but you know I sense evil every fuccking whhere. Next, channeling is what sorcerers do, that is direct information, power, unto our...

Re: Holy Snarkal Fuuck

Eclipse ·
hello friend. i would stick up for just about any forum member. including you. so i will just say that some of us are just unusual but we do seem to have a few spy profiles around here which means almost nothing to me. i havnt seen any trouble from "evil doers" or groups like the government when i was here. in my case im pretty odd. how people view me depends on what your gifts are. actually in a youtube video it seems like someone/super soldier knew me from ibis and she kind of considered...