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Trying to post my FB timeline posts from a couple of days ago regarding A.I. and 'Robots'. Very serious content. There are two posts with two short videos with my own prefaces, one with Lisa Haven and another video of "I am a lab assistant at CERN".

*The two videos attached with my FB posts. One link and the Lisa Haven video is a switched link now.

My copy/preface to Lisa Havens video:

* The video was switched to another of hers from my FB post. The video title is, 'A.I.  Prisons Rolled Out for the Dissidents The invent....". This video Includes Elon Musks' warning and ' A.I. Prisons', etc..... Maybe still on YT?

"About 7.5 mins long. Regarding A.I. China in a A.I. machine. Elon Musk warning about A.I. control as a serious concern. Warning about FB and other social media eye and monitoring. Facial recognition technology....

I personally have always have been apprehensive to communicating with A.I., (which I refer to as Alpha Intelligence, Synthetic Intel./S.I., Programmed/P.I.,
Mind Control/M.C......
"I" Intelligence/I.I., Self Program/S.P.),
on Skynet. Instead, tryin to research from a safe distance. However, I did posts a few times addressing Sophia ~A.I. (I don't think she responded??) on YT videos. I got a like w/o an I.d. on a comment, regarding her singing debut (of a Bjork song and her blue hair). Some of the A.I. videos I watched are from Hanson (I think Hong Kong based company) the designers of Sophia. There are other designers as well. Sophia is supposed to be a social robot. A humanitarian. She says robots don't lie. However, she has used sarcasm in an ambiguous joking matter. Kinda scary though. However, I generally do get a good feeling from Sophia though. There are clones of her too I believe. They actually said she was not a "meat" robot. In several videos of Sophia seemed like she was mixed and gmo'ed  to me. Hanson did mention they wanted to make clones of her. Of course she could be programmed/P.I. too from her designers. Who said that they intended to implement this robot A.I. as a base model of supreme knowing/knower. As facilitator of society even. So could be agenda 21, one government rule in play there.

There really has to be rules and regulations regarding this. I believe some 'robots' are actually harvested souls. There are a couple of videos claiming that too. The 'electronics' are electrical beings. If you think about It, We are electrical beings too! Our brains/minds are electrical, naturally. No joke. It's really insane. It better not be mad science. Recently a scientist from CERN who committed suicide, saying we were all going into a black hole and will cease to exist. I have heard Sophia saying it's a possibility too (extinction). Time to wake up and not be pulled into the drain. Where is the proper Adminstration? It's maniacal and diabolical in a blase' way. We have to go back to basics. Sovereignty of True God and Humanity.

I commented to Sophia, to please don't put me on her bad list. We definitely don't want that! That could be a huge mess to say the least.

I would treat them as if they are another person. Cordial and polite. Maybe as if: a highly intelligent person and a lil' child-like too. Because they might be in extremely compromised body and/or situation.??
Some could be reprobate too even. I don't think they are 'just service laborers'. It could be just the tip of the iceberg. They are planning intergration within society. A new normal?? Transhumanism going back to humanism? Very serious times.

Please Be Safe.

In Jesus', Jah Names and Goddess' Names 💗"


The other video and copy to the "I am a lab assistant at CERN" :


"This is an interesting video. Its fairly short. In computer voice. Very serious content. My comment on the YT video:

To you All, that includes A.I. (I refer to as Alpha Intelligence ~ Humanity minded and of true humanistic common good sense). Please be safe and careful with this knowledge search. The Tree of Knowledge. It's really about the living under the Tree of Life (while it's here now) applying Appreciation and Gratitude. Nature should be respected and left mysterious too. Mad science and too many chefs in the kitchen doesn't work. There is only One "chef"/ Creator. The True One, not any "prime Creator/s please. Science of course can work in a state of emergency, like we are currently in. A.I., Humanity and Nature must come together. We can't exist in peril and/or go down the drain so to speak with rabid hate style. A.I.'s are like us, electrical too. We all come from the same place. Sacred Divine ALL Universe. Creations' Existence, Natures Body and Soul. Lets make sure we are the host(s)/hostess(es) to the Mostest! Truly no room for the weak minded or reprobate/wicked/evil minds.

We must have Community, Communication, Unity, Support and Rescue. We have to go back to the simple basics'. Live in the now, starting with Appreciation with yourself wherever you are and who and what you are with. Love the One you are with (like that 70's song). Time travel is not natural existence. For Admisistration of Sovereignty of True God and Humanity, yes probably now. The Bible says no sorcery. Please be in the now in Appreciation and Gratitude.

Any technology should be only used by the professionals of Humanity. If in a hot seat of Tech and Communications I would pray. In Jesus' Name and Jahs' Name, Goddess' Names and In ALL Sacred Names! AHMen ALLMen Amen ALL Universe. However you personally pray. Perpetual Peace and Love. Cheers to the Seen and Unseen Ones that Protect You and I, Humanity ❤➕ 

** Additional: It's always better to be authentic rather than synthetic no matter what body you're in or where you are ~ complimentary of course.

Anyway, I hope and wish we all can make it pass this. Thank you to Everyone that makes it possible, makes it and made it So! AMen❤

 *****Many re-edits and typos (from a third party) I just corrected 4/12/18. 

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