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i noticed i have not said much about programs on earth. also programs with actual super solider in the way you would think of them. so here is a list and maybe mentioning people who have been in them.

1. duncan ofinian gets his separate category. also most likely the most detailed. since i do not know his project background. most likely classic mk ultra. this is the first guy i heard about. also he seemed to be the kind of super soldier you would think of. for example he mentioned things like telekinesis and telepethy. plus they attempted to utilize that for the battle field. duncan also seemed to have been involved in some kind of military way. he also seemed to mention implants. to simply give you more output. what would be more output? like more brain power and strength to do stuff like a hand strike. this info is vague for me since this was in my early days. 2. the next is mk ultra that produced assassins and super soldiers in a way. if you catch his testimony its easy to follow along. lets say he was from mk ultra and he was also sent to learn martial arts that is pretty much ninja stuff. yet he learned a lot of other things. a interesting physical aspect is his bones were conditioned. which lead to a nick name he had called thumper. i guess he broke whatever he punched. also if your car hit him your car will be more crushed then he was. i hope this short note fits him. im sorry this community lost him. 3. we have weapon x and our friend @Nate YPX Grey. mm i will just say check out his testimony out of respect for him. special thanks to him for creating this forum. as you know weapon x in the comics delt with gifted people and nate grey seems to fit that description in real life as far as that project and what they did. for lack of a better word. so yes this section is just mentioning weapon x/ weapon plus. also related projects. captian america may have been a first generation person and projects have the ability to engineer young people. thats all im willing to say about all that. 4. the canada projet/ project ibis. this is the project that processed kids and made them into super soldiers. the famous person from there is james casbolt. love him or dislike him. yeah im neutral about that by the way. i can hardly think of anything unusual in the casbolt case. except for one thing. he talks like he is a cyborg. like he was on super soldier talk and he was being shot in the head... and lived to tell about it. does his skin have a special material? i will let you be the judge. in the real world sense casbolt did talk about being an assasin. anyway i think i ran into a case were people had a clone with ibis. so its most likely multi dimentional. 5. i will just say project montauk. supposedly they had a trip chair and they trained kids to use it. hey also messed with time and space which you can find out if you dig a little. supposedly. i guess stranger things was based on that project. also the show was supposed to take place in long island.

a short list of projects that are non super soldier: mk ultra expririments, project monark which i guess grooms celebrities, and pizza gate which i will just say google that. they also gave military drugs for combat.

i got to quickly mention that there is soft disclosure. things in entertainment seem to have been based on projects and or gifted people. even odd creatures. im not going to mention any here and im not that informed about it either. i just get a feeling something may have existed in real life. soft disclosure might be from another earth or plane but its still channeled in a way.

at this time i will do a shoutout to projects about artificial intelligence. just to show unity between humanoid beings. #no discrimination. i guess there is a project/group that works with androids called cyber life. one location happens to be Detroit.

multidimensional: i guess i will just mention them for your research. simply because it does not support the post category very well. keep in mind this could just be a different version of earth. first is project surrogate. not sure what this is about but there might be something about adoption or placing someone in their family after service. or placing them in a family for grooming. for example mk ultra might have had a multidimensional hand in my adoption. like they didnt seem to be there but perhaps they were. i mention ibis which i thought was interesting. i started off thinking its just every day life. i dont know much about this in real life examples. then there is the secret space programs which i call off earth projects. not what this post is about. finally i will mention groups that will groom people and make them super soldiers of sorts. one is umbrella which i have a good feel for. yes they have their own reality so your clone could have grown up in a kids orphanage and then fought to clean up a zombie outbreak. the last group i will mention is monark solutions. i guess they process kids as well and weaponize abilities. i do not have a good feel for them but they seem to be big on weaponizing time. especially if a clone has a time ability. you can hear about them all the time because they seem to be the grand daddy of the community. you can see something about military like groups on you can also use the link in my post about groups. Intell from the ACIO: Worldwide Military Corporations. source | Super Soldier Forum (

thats it for now. have a good week.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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🤍⚪️ I believe I am (  was *+ ) connected to Monarch . Peter said on My file ( ACIO ) … , that I was listed as A “ Scientist “ there  . I have had vague memories ‘ with ?  Wasnt able to follow up And forward ( Full Circle , Good ) withe that conversation . We got intercepted heavily back in 2018 from the initial texted and verbal contact . However , I see ACIO texting in My Minds Eye as Presences , Basically .

Really , I am A Gnostic Esoteric ~ Exoteric Of Nature , Nuclei ( Love , Beginning Of ALLL Beginnings … } ~ Into The True Blue Cosmic Primordial Universe And Providence Firmament { Nature , Love , Gods } , Humanity Platform Builder , Natures Nuclei FamiLy [ OriginaLs ] ~Nuclear FamiLy ~ Humanity 🤍⚪️💖Creatrix … Sacred Divine Union , Partnering , Group Effort , Community , Communication , Communion🤍🌌⚪️

… A Gnostic Science ( In Mind , And Autonomous Practice And Exercise Of Self In ALLLL ALignment , Symmetry, Synergy , Affinity of Love |.  LoveMagicaL | Nuclei |Cosmic Egg | Firmament | Respected ) , Nature , Natures Natural Laws [ Like | Respect | Reverence … ]  - Is More like It . More A Serious Creative type Of Being , in a rush saying .

🤍⚪️ *+ I believe Monarch really restarted 20,000 Ago { Egypt 🦋 } … and been through many X s  . Stemming
[ then circumstancially ] ~  Frome Nuclei In Transit ( trickledown )*+😊🙏🏻⚪️

Peter said It was the worst one ‘ , E ‘ at M.S. … and I was scared ‘ there and they wanted to trade Me , however I was too scared to go ‘ ( because of Sra ) was on My file .. ~ And I Am Not An Evil Mentality , Fyiing 🙏🏻🤍⚪️

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