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A Witch's View of History (Cultural Anthropology)

May 18, 2011 at 6:09pm

     For over 4000 years before the birth of Christ, witches and druids, described as: "two horns of the same bull" by the historians of the day, were the established infrastructure of Celtic society even from the Bronze Age. It was more than just a primitive religion to a howling bunch of blue eyed, spear chuckers. It was also our science of astronomy as studied at Stone Henge, and understanding the resources in the Earth around us.

     A druid physician was unsurpassed in the best days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Our bards were our sources of music and prose and oral culture and had a great deal of influence upon the politics of the land.

     A village with its own resident witches or druids was an especially fortunate one as medical help was always available. The very best midwives in the world would be there to assist your child birthing and mend your wounded farmers, artisans and warriors.

     In a society that distinguished their clans and factions by colored tartans; a witch’s black, or a druid’s white robes would distinguish them as a neutral power; thereby allowing them to travel without harm and guaranteed a warm place at the hearth where ever they set foot. The same power that would be occupied trying to save as many lives and mend as many wounds as possible for all the clans as we were responsible to the whole of our society. We were the magistrates who negotiated truces and treaties between warring factions and property disputes. We crowned or established chieftains and kings and advised on the planting and harvesting of crops and husbandry. Our bards were the traveling “anchormen” and “spin doctors” of the day, going from town to town with the latest little ditties of the valorous deeds or even follies of some neighboring or distant dominion. Thus swaying the masses to one cause or another by musical object lessons and catchy little limericks that politicians still make use of to this very day to get their ways.

     We were the teachers of our people and our children, passing down our values of old of our connection to Danu (Mother Nature, the Earth). As we watched our village children growing up, we would spot talents and inclinations and arrange a practice called “fostering”. Where a young boy of good build and a mechanical aptitude may have it arranged by their village mage to spend a period of time, apprenticing to a blacksmith in a neighboring clan to see those skill sets pass down and benefit our people as a whole. Likewise, a child who dreams well or shows strong intuitive traits might be set up to apprentice with the druids or witches in any number of our craft disciplines, other than the “mumbo jumbo” that the ignorant, popular culture of this present day likes to believe of us. The word “witch” in our ancestors’ language meant “wise one”. It never meant “old hag” and a “crone” was a very powerful and honored thing to be and beloved of all for her years of service and wisdom. She would have delivered, healed and eventually buried most of the people who knew her. The times when a witch or wizard might be despised came much, much later and along with the Christian patriarchs.

Not everybody who learned those crafts, chose to use their talents and skills for the benefit of the whole of our people. A witches’ power were established by their unbroken Will and Word. To this day, many recognize the “witches’ honor” sign as two fingers placed under the eyes as showing that a witch’s word was sacred and unbroken no matter who was around to see. These others though, had no such scruples.

     Essentially, these other mages of the times had only their own profit and power grabs in mind for their use of the craft. They were called “warlocks” (lit. “oath breakers&rdquo or traitors. When the new religion (Christianity) came around, these quickly saw the power and profit to be made in controlling the masses and quickly infiltrated the patriarchy. They separated their sheep from their roots and since they were the ones recording “history“, they wrote what behooved them and not necessarily the truth. The only people of any authority to be able to point out their bespelling of the masses, were demonized and murdered by design of these warlocks who would rule unhindered by any.

     As it turns out, when people ridicule their own ancestors as witches and druids, wizards and such it is they, who are manifesting themselves as brutish, superstitious savages as the reality of what I say about our people can be established in any college anthropology department, as opposed to the “witch experts” in your churches. What you’re touting as reality is completely out in left field. In short: your “reality check” has bounced for insufficient funds.

     But I was born and raised is such a family where these things were never abandoned when churches were burning libraries and books that disagreed with their own version of “reality”. I recognize all the occult symbols and formulae like you recognize stop signs and such. The programming and illusion forced upon you and yours was not my lot in life. I’ve always been on the outside, looking in at you. You can’t know what a witch or a warlock is capable of doing that can change the very course of your life in any direction they choose. Do you think that’s paranoia talking? Or maybe you’re beginning to see the cellophane pealing around the edges of the grand illusion you and your families have been under for over 1000 years. What if the evidence of the truth of what I say was in plain sight all around you and almost no one but a few elite are ever taught what it all means and how it works?

     These bespelled people have grown up for generations believing they righteously serve a God of love, and kindness and Christian charity. They will travel around the globe to preach to and minister to the needs of the pagans of Papua, New Guinea and yet, they are oblivious to the admonitions of the God they claim to serve. The warlocks hold them in sway to murder, and steal land and property from most of those same pagan peoples. History taught is a Thanksgiving tale of peace and sharing between the Natives and Pilgrims, but no mention of the blankets laden with smallpox in those gifts to wipe out entire villages for greed. Or the long and many testimonies of so many peoples slaughtered and abused for their worldly goods completely escapes them and they see themselves as the most intelligent and charitable people in the world. They *would* be if something evil wasn’t pulling their strings and making them dance to an evil tune. How is this done?

     Any mage, of any stripe knows there are patterns and formulae used in the crafting of talismans and spell craft that makes them effective. They are the archetypes and symbols that influenced untold generations of your ancestors and hardwired by time and repetition into your racial memory. Suppose I told you that the most powerful faction of warlocks in the world have held an entire nation in thrall to them by spell craft on a marvelous (but not unprecedented) scale for the past few centuries? These talismans being so big, and on such a grand scale that they were built into entire cities and even woven into their buildings and architecture. We can tell you over and over again to see the pentagrams and sacred geometry involved and so blatant in cities like Washington, D.C., and the general populace will still consider us as “nut cases” or alarmists. Which is precisely what the warlocks want as they are nowhere near sucking you dry yet. They can’t just allow you to wander away in a huff before they’ve got the last gold coin they can possibly get from you, or send your sons and daughters to their deaths in the name of freedom, patriotism and liberty… when the war is over nothing remotely resembling those things. In fact, quite the opposite. But why do you suppose this society has not fully woken up to these facts yet when all the world bears testimony that this is the truth of what’s happening and not what you were made to believe? They even warp the language to the point that when I identify certain things to you in full truth, your image of what that really is, is so skewed that you can’t understand a single idea coming out of my speech though I speak it as plainly as possible. My best and oldest example of this is that when I say that I’m a witch, what I mean and what you’re thinking are worlds apart as the prevalent image is not the historical fact by any stretch of the imagination. I am neither a stupid, ignorant or an uneducated individual, but just telling people that I’m a hereditary witch will alter their perception of who and what I am to a ridiculous degree that I lose all credibility and even status as a decent or productive and intelligent human being. And some will STILL not make the connection and say: Well, why would you ever tell anyone that you’re a witch? Because I’m not gay, not a pedophile, or a lunatic, or Judeo-Christian in ethnicity and there is nothing really wrong or bad about what I am… a witch with every breath I‘ve taken from the day I was born. Why should this be a secret to be kept from decent people? We were a successful and thriving culture for many thousands of years before these came along and set their own mark or stain upon the land. Exactly what and whom does this serve?

     Are you capable of understanding the image of a mythical American dream of an altruistic government comes from the beatific paintings of the founding fathers (patriarchy) in our nation’s capital and throughout the country and how they are ingrained in our school system? Does anyone ever question the men who wrote these marvelous words: We hold these truths to be self evident…that ALL men are created equal and granted by God (not men’s’ government) with certain inalienable rights of things like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… yada, yada, yada??? That’s pretty grand stuff from veritable saints and decent and trustworthy souls… who also owned black men and women and legislated a death sentence on anyone who taught those poor souls how to read that document. That didn’t just happen for a couple years.

     It is human nature to resist control by others, but you first have to recognize what is controlling you and take your own reins in hand and pilot your very own ship. Some are so hopelessly ensorcelled by these warlocks that they will never see the little fishbowl they lived in their whole life long. Some will begin to see and look further and resist the push and others will rise up and start banishing the illusion where they find it and truly illuminate the masses and destroy the hold of these “oath breakers” in the lives of their loved ones. The warlocks got another term to confuse the language so that only a few will understand the truth when they have it pointed out to them. They call them “Truthers”. These people point at the evidence of the illusions forced upon the masses by their Luciferian masters, but the term will be addressed by the bards of this day (spin doctors and controlled media) and used in derision, so that anything they say from there will be immediately determined to be the product of paranoia or derangement…regardless of how educated, professional and intelligent a human being as the “Truther” might be.

     I find myself in the same boat with some new people now. I’m just telling you how far back this rabbit hole actually goes and why this ancient faction pertains to this very day. I’m a witch clanner to be sure, but if you could see the truth of it all, I’m not just describing my own family, as if you all just sprang up as white, Anglo Saxon protestants. Before Christianity such were most of your ancestors too. And I’m here to tell you that you came from intelligent, decent, ingenious people with values and ethics they held for longer and stronger than the farce we are currently suffering under. They weren’t raving Satanists or people who preach one thing but practice the opposite. Give your great, great, great grandpa a little credit for being every bit the man of his time as you would be now and the competency to make his own dreams come true or you would never have been born with those traits you have. They are your strength when you connect to them. You are adrift and at the mercy of those who know their past when you do not. Happy Halloween and try to be a little respectful of your own ancestors when you think of witches.



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