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Hello guys! I'm very new here. Just signed up. I'm a 34 year old woman from Australia.

I don't know how many people have heard of a certain agent Peter who is connected with James Rink and I got a chance to speak with agent Peter. This person is meant to be working for an organisation called alien contact intelligence organisation. I always keep an open mind and also a healthy dose of skepticism, so I don't know what to think of this.

I was told I have three hundred thousand MILAB files. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Again who knows. But I most definitely want to make sense of things in my life and determined to find out whatever I can.

I want to ask people here about a certain concoction of mint tea that Peter and James says rents out your consciousness to astral beings and will allow me to recall my repressed memories of MILAB experiences. My thoughts on astral beings are as follows: 

Astral beings can change their form and look however they want to look. Because I can't be certain of who these beings claim to be, I sure as hell don't want to drink this tea. I I'm aware that demons hang out on the lower levels of the forth dimension. They are known to go around claiming to be of the fifth dimension and of light. It's what they have been doing for 50 thousand years now and the ones that started the time loops. These astral beings also create different constructs on the forth dimension for people who ignorantly get into mystery schools. These people basically think they receive enlightenment and yet they are slaves for these demons for many more lifetimes to come.
It all sounds very dangerous to be drinking a tea if it does indeed rent out your consciousness to astral beings. How can anyone know if an astral being is who they say they are. My question is: has anyone heard about this agent Peter from ACIO and has anyone drunk this tea, if so, what are the effects? Just any thoughts in general about all this would be awesome to read as well.
Thank you guys
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Hi there IMAEA, I have listened to Peter the insider. Basically I don't trust him but that's my gut instinct and I can't ignore it. Also somethings he said I know are false, he credits some events to his ACIO and I know someone else did them.

I am into herbal remedies and I would say Mint Tea is one of the worse teas to drink for people who are like us, on this website. It can increase anxiety and make you more nervous. In Bartram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine under Peppermint, the contra indications are for anxiety neurosis and nervous excitability. It can also act as mild sedative and is an enzyme activator.  I won't drink it. I do love Earl Grey though. Christmas tea is nice too.

What I haven't found out is why the people who control Peter would tell him to say this. I remember him saying drink the tea and we will find you. Gave me the creeps. I get found too many times as it is.

Oh I just reread the last paragraph. So the tea rents out your consciousness to astral beings. Are these the same ones who need 3D bodies to get through the Event at the end of this age. All I can say is well done gut instinct.

Hope you enjoy this forum and get the answers you seek, I think it is great.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

well....get someone else to try it. lol i'm kidding. idk....i don't take anything i don't know what it is. I have an allergy to a preservative that can kill me if i accidentally eat food that contains it. Fucked up way to go...feels like your head will explode from lack of oxygen...everything in your head swells up along with my yeah...i'm really careful about everything....even special tea.  


i dn't like the idea of someone else taking over your that what you meant? That is what has always been called possession....doesn't matter what it is...if it's sharing your body and consciousness it's possession. Been there. lol Really freaky. but it's also like an alter being don't remember either one. 


Thank you guys so very much. I really appreciate it. I was never going to drink the tea but so glad to hear peoples thoughts on it. So kind of you all to add your opinions. Yeah, this "special tea" idea also gave me the creeps. Eevie, Peter did say it is to be taken to rent out your consciousness to beings. My thought was, oh great, be an open house and bright beacon for "walk-ins"... just what I need. Peter did say only good astral beings will be doing the "renting out". But how does he truly know anyway? I just can not subject myself to such a thing. Peter said I have 300,000 MILAB files. I don't know what to believe. I've had a very good psychic friend tell me of experiences I've had as a very young girl that sounds like MILAB scenarios. All I'm wanting to do is try to remember things and I'm going to try to find out one way or another. But it sure won't be by being an open house for beings renting out my consciousness! Thank you again guys! 

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You know I told you the peppermint tea is an enyme acivator.

Well I did some Web surfing letting it take me wherever. Well I ended up researching Lyme disease and related Fibro and CFS and ME etc. Well some have speculated that Nagalase (an enzyme) is being put in the vaccines. Cancer cells give off Nagalase and this suppresses your immune system, so more Nagalase in the vaccine can kickstart a really nasty biofeedback loop of Cancer= more Nagalase=more Cancer, etc.

And this info is what got those Holistic doctors Suicided.

Well what if Peppermint tea activates the Nagalase enzyme???? Just a thought.

Peter advised taking it up to 2 or times a day. The only way I take Peppermint is as an essential oil, combined with tea tree oil and almond oil (any oil can be used) as an anti fungal and wound healer. But I wouldn't constantly apply this.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

I think that Peter means to do well , but I am also finding it hard to listen to the dude, I keep getting images from underground base activities and after James's interview with him, I had some insight in sleep state to see what the deal was about, like I said, he means to do well, I found that he is like a universal receiver for all types of energy. Peter the Universal Radio filters, and not all the info is current or relevant to this current timelines, he seems to also have no filters....listen with filters and Add blockers...

I have done some research on the tea thing as well and if it something that you are looking for to help with internal guidance in lucid dreaming, try some valerian, very good, natural product made by Himalaya, also try some Passiflora with Valerian , this helps to calm your mind so that when you start off lucid dreaming you are in complete control of your faculties interdimensional an in current time.

Hope it helps

IMAEA- I have tried to listen to Peter on James' interview with him.  I am very psychic- and got a feeling from him that made me very nervous and I couldn't finish listening to the interview. It was almost like he triggered me in a way that increased my anxiety.  As for the tea- I'm going to have to agree with everyone- I wouldn't drink it. It's like that saying don't drink the Kool- aide. Lol!  Besides I like to be in control of myself. I would be weary of anything that "rents" out your astral self. I have found meditation helps me to remember.  I feel that my higher self knows what it's doing and when the time is right I'll remember. I've had some very horrific things done to my body that I get bits of images from.  Some of these things I know myself cannot handle. I was chosen from an early age- I have memories of large, and  I'm saying it was very, very large nasty looking being that would come get me. I remember hidding from them. I was only around 2/3 years old. I can remember them ripping off a human arm... then eating it. As a young child this was terrifying and seeing all the blood...I'm not sure what else happened from there and I'm not sure I want to know. If you really want  to recall your memories, find someone who can do  regressive therapy.  I have some connections and if your interested I could help you find someone in your area who is reputable and safe that could assist you with this.  Just message me if your interested.  


Be the change you wish to see in the world..... Marvel

Thanks again for replies. Oh wow, Angela. You sure turned up some interesting information! Thank you for your input. I wonder if the mint tea does indeed activate that enzyme. Yikes! That's a scary thought.

Thank you also WhiteLion for your thoughts and advice. Might give the valerian and passiflora a go. I certainly trust that more than the ol' mint tea at this point!

Ms Marvel thank you for replying. Yes, I can't agree more with being wary about anything that rents out your astral self. I mean, this is the very thing we are all trying to get away from after all! LOL. I'm sorry to hear about your absolutely horrible experiences you had when you were a young girl.

I would be highly interested in finding out reputable people in my area who can do regressive therapy. Thank you for offering to share some connections with me.  Just want to mention again that I live in Australia. I will PM you.

I do like James Rink and Peter. But I'm going to have to say no to the mint tea!

Thanks guys

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Eevie ,Damn that's bad, perhaps something similar and Safe! also heard of mugwort tea....don't know...

Ms Marvel,I agree with you on the bad frequencies, like I said , all station am/fm......

Something interesting that you mentioned.. at 2/3 years old I had similar experience, except it was a giant frog, had an arm sticking out of its mouth still scared to death of frogs today, which is stupid....

Interesting Insights !, he does have that tendency to vibrate off key....




lol thanks WhiteLion. Appreciated. 

wow you got a giant frog. I got a giant butterfly after project talent found me and stuck me in a trip chair, then disney...i was  a little girl playing in my backyard. A huge shadow suddenly fell on me. I looked up expecting a cloud. no...giant monarch butterfly..bigger then me....bigger than any was huge. I screamed, not because it was big but the energy from it was horrid. I ran into the house looking for help from mom who was/is mind controlled too. and called me a I"ve heard of a couple of others who experienced the giant butterfly. 


My earliest memory that I remember, was at 2yrs, my first day at UK army Kindergarten in Germany. My mum always thought that was strange. I said there was a door at the back that went underground. She said No door at the back, as it was in a NIsan hut (corrugated iron in a semi circle shape).

Only recently I got some 6th  (or higher) dimensions giving me that memory. A German soldier carried me into a chair in the middle of a big room with a viewing room around the top. I then saw a wolf, then a warrior female angel and then a green dragon stand in front of me to protect me. THEY were really scared of the dragon, as it could move through the walls, as if they weren't there and breathe on the Soldier in charge.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)


You have powerful protective beings! Have you ever considered that they may come from within you as opposed to from the outside? That YOU are actually all of those powerful manifestations?

I believe that we still separate our strengths from ourselves because we are programmed to believe that we are weak and unbalanced, when the opposite is the actual truth.

Stellar. I was only allowed to see this memory as I had just started using the last of those shapes/astral bodies. I have seen me, as a wolf and as an Angelic female warrior many times before. But the last one was the Green Dragon shape. I have read that dragons are Seraphim, one of the highest of the Angel realms.

The first time was when I woke up from a dream where I had been fighting a man in a lab, he was trying to steal my last baby (they have stolen about 15 before). So now I am  in dual consciousness. There were other pregnant women on gurneys so I sent them back to their bodies, then I  psypushed the gurneys to the wall to give me more room. I shapeshifted into a Green Dragon and I went after the man, bit his head off and flew out of the DUMB upwards, heating up the concrete, I flew around and then spat fire  lava down the hole I had made, to seal it up. It would be great if that had actually happened in this 3D world.

I then find out that three of my avatars in the comics have been written about with a Green Dragon. I thought I just had a very vivid imagination.

I know I am a Berserker, the real meaning of this, is where a person would go to sleep and their consciousness had the ability to make another flesh body. (There is a theory that our body is actually created by our own consciousness.)  So I can be asleep and also be used in this 3D world at the same time, not just in the astral.

I think many of the Supersoldiers can do this. I first read about this in a book called The Real Middle Earth. It is all about the Norse myths and the Vikings. A Berserker would be used by the Nordic King for protection. One was a hound and another was a bear but as soon the person woke up the animal would disappear.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

I believe that the mint tea together with the honey, cinnamon, and lemon is used to influence the pH level of the body. PH is another way to depict the frequency the body is vibrating at. I'm assuming the "wisdomers" require a certain frequency level to access your sub/consciousness and tap in. Probably why he says if you drink it they will find you, most likely you'll be eliciting a specific frequency. Most likely no more than twice a day because your body is designed to be at a specific homeostatic pH level, and has to work harder to stay there when influenced in either basic or acidic directions. The mint tea ingredients are all very basic.

I've been told retrieving suppressed negative memories to be processed is essential for the ascension process, and if that's what the "wisdomers" are trying to help with, then hopefully it's successful for everyone who gives it a go. I currently stopped the sessions with Peter for unrelated reasons, but I drank the tea 2x daily for 6 months and definitely had an increase in strange experiences, dreams, memories, so I personally know it does something.

Hello HARLEYQUINN11 I found once a native shaman tell me in a dream, that I must drink sage, I did for about a year, and started to experience some very fantastic dreams and guidance, but I learnt that I needed to set an intention in place, to only allow energy with love to connect. Interestingly when I do astral work, I place salt and stones around myself by default  anyway. 

Hello WHITELION343, I definitely agree with you on intention. For myself, I try not to set any boundaries to what I experience, especially dreams, and just take the positive message from it. I feel it's important to have compassion and understanding to everything/one, even the dark, they have their role to play, you won't see the light without seeing the dark, but that is just my opinion.

I have spoken to Peter several times and he said I had 2000 Milab files. Other people I know who have had Skype sessions with him have all come to me and said he is fake and that he can't access your Milab files at all.  He is basically has another agenda in contacting possible Milabs.  He will try and trigger you and also find out as much as possible about you as he can.  I believe he is checking on Milabs to see how many are starting to remember stuff and whether their triggers still or what triggers work.  He then reports back to whoever he is working for so they can improve their programming procedures for Milabs.  Thats is my take on Peter and everyone I have spoken to agree that he is not trying to help people at all but is more likely checking up on Milabs and reporting back.  I hope this helps you understand.

Actually I think they were doing this 'checking up' on me recently. I have gotten a bad vibe about this Peter and I do not ignore this gut feeling ever, so they can't check on me that way. I made a mention on this forum I had had a program removed to help me remember more. As I am having problems remembering.

On the 29 November this year, my Facebook page was hacked and I 'apparently' joined a load of Russian Facebook groups. It was hacked whilst I was asleep in the morning and my hubby noticed and thought it was strange, as I hardly post and I am not usually up at that time.

I believe they made my FB page join Russian groups because I know I have been taught Russian, as that is what is spoken on Mars. I had a dream of being on Mars years ago. Also I have a family member who is Russian and when I was trying to pronounce Russian she said I had a St Petersburg accent.

I did wonder what the hacking was for, now I know. Silly people.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

Taj, thanks so much for your reply. That is incredibly informative and helpful for me. Thank you. That's what I was worried about and had a feeling about. I've also had more helicopter activity/following and some very horrible strange dreams since speaking to him. Won't be speaking to him again now!! 

Hello Angela, thank you for your helpful reply. Wow, I'm so glad I found this forum!... Yeah I try my best these days to not ignore my gut feelings on things. I'm only just starting to recognise just how intuitive I really am. I know we all are very much so because of what we have been through/why we are selected for programs. It's just that I've always doubted all of my abilities, no matter which ones they are.

They sure did a number on me with blocks when it comes to doubting myself in every possible way, which has included not only thoughts but activating the same type of imagery when I'm on the right track with something. I'm wondering if those thoughts/images comes from implants. As soon as I started using the technology to look for implants I found at least six before the technology "mysteriously" stopped working.

Because I'm only now realising just how intuitive I am. To the point of now recognising that my thoughts aren't always my own and I've forever been telepathically picking up others thoughts thinking that they were my own. It had always been a huge pain in the arse. But now knowing when it's others thoughts verses my own helps so much to stop it from affecting negatively! I can also send thoughts to others telepathically but I don't do that, I just tested that out a couple times to confirm. That's not something I would do again unless I was in a lot of danger.

That's fascinating about Mars Angela. I've had a few dreams of Mars. When I mentioned this to Peter, he said ah how weird. Bahaha. That was about the extent of that. But I've had some people confirm I've been on Mars. I don't recall anything consciously as yet though.

I will keep a look out for any Russian facebook group adds! Yeah, that Peter... dear me, what a worry. Does anyone think that James Rink knows that this Peter is suss? Is James Rink in on it or just naive?


IMAEA I think that if anyone who is a presenter/researcher nowadays that isn't dead, is either very programmed or in on it. I always thought that any Supersoldiers or MILABS that were waking up, would obviously go to these presenters and tell their stories and boom, they are reprogrammed, where the program was weakest. I think a lot of the presenters get targeted too, to keep them low energy.

I found and removed my metal implants by visualise/focus/intent and prayer, but I was finding I was still doing things I didn't want to do. I then found out I had Archon implants, these are put into your soul matrix/aura/EMfield just after birth and are multi dimensional. They are to stop you achieving anything that maybe beneficial to those around you and mankind. They can also cause addictions, as people have found that addictions stop after they have been removed. They can control your body too. But I have found that they have more control over those with a weak will, and if you want to do the thing they want. For example my hubby left the gas hob on twice. Later I found someone had cut the wires to the smoke alarm.

I found that I had my free will back. These Archons implants keep us from totally getting free and get us reprogrammed after any hard work we have been doing to get free. This is the control the whole of mankind is under and everyone complains but they are kept from seeing the real reason this life is s..t. Archon is greek for Ruler or Prince, ie, Prince of Persia.

These Archon implants can either contact you with subliminal vocal commands or images, and they can even make you feel pain. I know because my daughters heard an Archon talking to my hubby, in front of the house and asking him questions, which he was reluctant to answer. I unconsciously heard the same question, (this was after I had removed the 20 Archon implants) and I said to myself (so obviously my unconsciousness part had heard it) "If anyone asks me where I am going on holiday I will tell them to f..k off!

Next day I am loading the car and a nice man who lives up the road comes up to me and asks "Where are you going on holiday?" I thought 'Oh s..t I can't be rude to him', so I was as vague as I could be. But it proved to me that I had gotten rid of the Archon implants.

Trouble is when you are out (like Matrix the movie) you can tell when they are using other people to screw you up. So now I have a kind of binding intention that all Archon implants stop working in people, when they are around me. Since then people are much nicer to me.

I too didn't think I was very abled either, it took me a long time to believe I was doing the things I could do. Plus my main alter was a born again christian and all this stuff is a big fat NO, but I have gotten over that programming. They think that all Supersoldiers are Satanic, the idiots. I used to like a movie when I was young it was called Mannequin. that tells you everything. We are just puppets but we need to cut our strings. Then we can do what we were sent here to do.

I am extremely empathic, almost telepathic (heard others but not many hear me unless I project on purpose). It is good to know your own thoughts! I can feel exactly what people are feeling and can tell a lie straight away. I have to have 6 layered forcefield just to be able to cope. I took them down once, in a concert and I noticed an old woman staring at me. I knew there was something else in her, staring at me too, so I smiled at her and put the 6 layers back. So I also use them to blend in.

Do you write your dreams down? If not you should, as many are being used at night. THEY have found out that certain people can make a new body, around their consciousness, making two of them at the same time, one being asleep. Other rare people can make a new body that is totally different from the original form.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

I have to agree with Angela. I think James Rink means well, but I think it just a way to find the MILABS to then reprogram what is weak or worse.  I did not get a good feeling about Peter- nor the tea. I try to vet what I can before I do or use anything but I must say that it is from experiencing this for a while. It will all come in time, especially the more you learn and the more you find little nuggets along the way, you'll be able to piece pieces together.

Now I know why I have this affinity for Russia and Mars... I never put the 2 together until now. Thanks for the great insight and info!


Be the change you wish to see in the world..... Marvel

Great advice Angela about the archon implants.. I have written down a lot of dreams but must do this more frequently. Thanks for your encouragement Ms Marvel. I have been speaking with a super solider by the name of Amir who thinks he recognises me and tells me that they are not many of his and my kind of super solider left. I don't really know what he means for sure by that.

He thinks he recognises me from missions that we worked on side by side. Something he mentioned of a mission sounded very familar but my consciousness can't quite recall it / recognise it just yet. I'm doing my best to get info from people, little by little so I don't get overwhelmed. 

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