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About the council of Five: ORELA – EGAROT – EMERTHER – GINVO – REDAN

Very little is known about the five alien races that are part of the Council of 5. These races have been protecting Earth and Humans for as long as there are (alien) records of it.

An Alien race reported that the “Council of 5” last met on Earth in 1944.

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I go back thousands of years with them. This Council knows how to keep track of your incarnations and to a degree can control your souls birth position if necessary when you affiliate with them closely as an insider. They stay very mysterious for good reasons but their intent is good. If there is an Adjustment Bureau it's them.  There are great reasons why they stay mostly off the radar.  I pity the soul that is on their bad side.  Still they are full of compassion while at the same time they can strike a fear into evil ones that is 2nd to none. That's a good thing.


That's tricky because there's information they do not want in the open. I gotta be vague to a degree because a lot is at stake here and the safety of everyone is at hand.  This is why the Illuminati the ones that show off are really low end power players. Think of a group like SHIELD from Marvel but the technology is far more advanced and please know they are really out there. Think of The WATCHERS from Marvel combined with this concept also but more of them living on our Earth, watching and only interfere when it become a threat of an extinction level event.

Gosh to get more specific than that would have a chain reaction, not good. That would be like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman revealing their identity to the public. Just doesn't work like that. I do think their long term goal with us is for self development and to use us for galactic and inter-dimensional conquest out there of old rivals that are dangerous if left unchecked. They want to train man to become Guardians of the Galaxy (another pun and yet serious hint) to enforce some new rules out there. There are some serious Galactic and Inter-dimensional "Corporations" that have worked like empires for a very very long time . To them Earth is like a 3rd world country to control. Well as you see that kind of bigger picture, Earth is being used as a testing grounds, a training camp for developing intimidating opposition for who is out there wanting to control us like a commodity if that makes any sense. Our controllers have a lot invested in us to fill some big shoes. Our controllers that go under various names which include the Council of 5 have been patient with us and are wanting to develop deep instincts and have allowed in the Organic form we experience as life on Earth to be an opportunity for amazing self development. They have thrown countless special experiments at us, studied us, molded us. They know most of humanity is somewhat of a lost cause but they feel in its midst some very unique and extraordinary individuals can and will make a different on the bigger picture of things.

They want to test our impulses of evil and if given power what we do with it in order to trust us even if only a few to a larger responsibility. What is more important is not why THEY are but finding who WE are and what WE can become. They want to combine SUPERHUMAN Godlike power into compassionate loyal persons that can help expand and maintain of Cosmic Order much like SUPERHEROES would. They need Green Lanterns, Supermen, Avengers, X-Men Type mutants. You getting my drift how this looks? They need obedient magnificent beings to develop that have risen above self importance who wish to serve out of non-ego for the greater good in the Cosmos of us for all alien races and for the Council of 5. They have lots of hope in us; Not not be fascinated by them or have a need to get all the facts outside the important facts I just shared. The fact is what are we going to do with the opportunity we've been given now this has been explained?

Guess what, the Corporations out there in Galactic and Inter-dimensional space wish mainly to send in sabotage efforts under enormous PsyOp programs. Nate this is why so many Mutants and potential Super Heroes have been thwarted in the full potential to express. The Contollers know this fully their work is sabotaged. They allow this in order for self development to triumph. If we are so easy to defeat then we are not developed enough to their expectations.  They do not want mutants and super beings who are easily sabotaged and thwarted out there too weak to defend the strategy of the Council of 5. They only invest in the best of the best of those who have success to have self control in all areas we are vulnerable. They make contact with potential candidates but will not work with anyone closely if they see someone of potential not enough to maintain their goals out there.  This is the reason why so many important super beings, mutants and super soldiers have so much trauma and controversy.  The Cosmic Corporations use that in hopes you do not succeed to any real long term self development potential those same Large Super Empire Corporations out there see as a threat to themselves. Our local Controllers rely upon us to overcome all obstacles no matter how inflicting, how sorrowful while we carry big hearts and conquer all distracting temptations.  They want to dent the power of those hostile forces out there.


If anyone has questions based on the outward goals I explained I can.


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