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hello. you can post your fave weapons here. weather they are real or not real such as a video game. i found myself likeing the sword as a kid and now im into auto fire as far as fantasy. the thing is i could have operated energy auto fire weapons in the ssp. i understand vets like some weapons and weapons can be a hobby. you can also list interests if you have not experience with handling the object. atleast dont talk about using it against any being. so i guess i will start

video game : assault or automatic weapon preferred at all times. then whatever tool fits the job. as far as tools grenades or an ability is a classic for me.

movies and entertainment : sword play. of course the light saber. super powers preferred over anything.  guns are ok to see if it fits the topic.

collection : interested in no more then 3 pocket knifes. a walking stick that doubles as primitive club. i will add tool to cut or break myself out of the car because it can be weaponized. plug in stun gun is interesting for apartment defense but is most likely not the best.  a strong short machete which is straight and resembles something like a greek kopis but a kukri is ok. Filipino or napal design machete is preferred. thanks to a alter im  interested in a stiletto whether or not its a auto swichblade.

martial arts interest : bowstaff. filipino training bolo. training knife. training nunchuck. one handed sword.

milab dreams : powers. i have used pistol. blade. assault rifle, heavy machine gun with tripod.

firearms: interested in silencerco maxim9 ownership. for fun i would fire ak47, thomson sub machine gun, m60 bravo, squad automatic weapon, german mg-42, uzi, mini gun or related.

what are some of your interests?

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8

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