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hello. i was thinking on feral mutants. i will use respect when writing this down.

recently i wondered if humans can have fae genetics. now i think its possible to have feral genetics. as in coming from a animal line other then the monkey evolution. the most widely known case is lupine.  or the wolf  line. first of all do mutants exists? yes. does genetics from non humans exist? yes. can humans evolve from something other then a monkey? most likely. do i respect the crap out of someone even if they have feral for fae genetics? of course i do.

in my case i was interested in the story of the weapon x project since i was a kid. later i was called wolverine when someone was just messing around. simply because of my looks. i was never called sabretooth even after i was over 6 foot. do i have any unusual physical abilities? as a a normal public citizen i seem to have decent sight and hearing for my age. i can move around and see in the dark ok for a human. i hardly age a bit in my natural state.  i have a lot of endurance and strength for energy physical activity. who else can casually walk for 2 hours? its also hard to break my bones with normal activities or falling and its hard to knock me out. isn't that odd for a normal guy? on top of that I'm actually more comfortable with the thought of fighting in the dark then most people. perhaps I'm not a mutant because i was born into a different timeline. unless switching timelines is accepted as a power. in any case there might be a multi timeline connection to the feral friends. perhaps umbrella corp is actually interested in ferals. especially if they have a healing ability. however i don't think you need a healing factor to be considered a feral mutant or feral line human.

anyway the two odd connections i have with mutants are umbrakinesis in my dreams which makes me question if I'm a milab. the other possible connection is i would relate to a feral mutant. even x 23 was mentioned in my dreams and i ran into a dream figure that seemed like lady death strike. can someone step into powers and or being a mutant? i dunno. i hear of people developing basic powers. like moving a psy wheel. otherwise fully moving into mutant hood without being born to do so might take an ability of switching timelines. just my observation as a researcher.

i took the liberty of posting links from marvel characters. i would post something from real life but i have not found a case yet. here are some marvel links.                                                                                                                                     - feral mutants by marvel wiki : Feral | The Origin of Mutants Wiki | Fandom       - atavistic condition by marvel wiki:  Atavistic | The Origin of Mutants Wiki | Fandom                                                                                                                                 - lupine line by marvel wiki: Lupine | Marvel Database | Fandom                           - i learn about feral but reading the bio of the marvel lupine father/ancestor. which is Romulus Romulus (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

thanks. keep comments respectful for this post and when you meet a feral looking person. they may have a lot of aggression over the jokes. possible trigger if they are a ultra subject

- Eclipse ,  suspected project ibis/ space program/ pizza gate/ and milab. umbrella corp level 08.

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