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I need to talk about the Last dream I had as a child before my mind went black for exactly 25 years. Couple things to note before I start, my Father and my grandparents all had top security clearance working for the Air Force. They built and calibrated  Missile  guidance systems as well as F16 Gyroscopic nav Guidance systems i think they grab kids from these known families. Now back to 1994 i was 14. And the dream that made all the dreams disappear for 25 years. We had a 50 acre farm in the middle of no where and I found myself inside a vivid dream walking myself out of my bedroom and into the front yard. And as i Looked up i noticed not far above my house was a huge object hovering I'm not sure of the geometric shape it almost blended with the night sky . And suddenly a man in a very Dark Blue could been black somewhat tight flight suit jacket and pants  I'm color blind here to a degree. Almost walked down a set of invisible stairs from the yaw axis line  to see me. He told me that he needed to show me the flight controls and the operational standards of this craft. I felt compelled and just said ok. We entered the same way up a set of effortless mostly invisible stairs. From the distance they appeared invisible when he came down but being on them you could somewhat see the effect. once we entered he told me he must show me the propulsion unit and how it operated so to engineering we went. From here centralized the unit was turning a ring or band or something spinning in a tube angular momentum and as it sped up faster and faster he said were ready to go. I woke up the next morning saying shit that seemed real. I never told anyone this until my dreams fired back up in December of 2019.  fast forward these 25 years and a deluge of vivid dreamlike memories are washing out of me . So tell me when where and what was your first experience that tells us something happened. Also during this 25 years Of blank dreams i should have been killed like at least 5 times but some miracle always was happening. I wonder if because i was technically in 2 places at one time so to speak. Also could mean none of the life i remember  from 1994 on is real could be all artificial. who knows but ill say this I'm having total recall of a lot shit from space.

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hello. well my first experience with memory: was with remembering a black suit of armor like tron. also i felt reptilians where "super soldiers" whatever that meant. then i felt like i was one of them in a past life. as in a reptilian commander that wore a black suit of armor. the soldier kind without wings.

the first odd dream: was crushing someone with shadow bending without a thought. my consciousness walking around in Australia then stabbed in the back by "friendlies". made me ask questions.

first missing time: i was adopted and have no idea what happened when i was between homes. i will not talk about that complicated subject

first encounter with a super soldier in real life: a ninja like being on my public garage roof. i have yet to encounter another but i think that was one of two in my memory.

hope that helps and yes things do happen as far as remembering and dreams

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

The weird thing with what’s happening to me is I’m remembering or dreaming I guess in such clear precise detail that I can’t find any fault or fantasy inside of these dream memories there so precise so detailed and never exaggerated none sense real people are with with and we’re clearly on mission.  Do you have any recall dreams or otherwise of being enlisted as a child ? Because that’s exactly what my story here seems to be

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