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greetings. i have found out that my thinking changes as i raise vibration. i was born in the 3rd timeline and now im about the 6th vibration/timeline. i hear this timeline has a lot of alchemy vibratioin. i was indeed considering chemistry lately.

my thoughts change as i life life and shift. now im having such thoughts as illusion, neutrality, non duality, and even eternity. what if one day you support yourself with intention instead of selling time? why? because in the end all is mind. For a lack of a better word. i will just say that. so if you ever ask what is outside of the matrix, i will answer i have a feeling its about the mind. as in your creator training wheels have been taken off. all of this is kind of mind boggling to me. your welcome to follow your own path a believe in whatever your lead to believe in. im still in the train of thought that says i can assist others in what they believe in because faith and belief is very important. anyway my next timeline and clone may be in the reality where vampires are dominant in vibration. that will be interesting and beings will get more interesting from here on out as i shift vibration. i have even seen decorative posts in my home town like they just appeared. like i switched timelines.

this is not yet a post claiming any powers. yet i bet there is a timeline clone of mine who can unlock abilities that relate to his thoughts. yes i seem to live as these timeline clones as i shift. im typeing with like my third. anyway abilities that reflect what i believe is no physical aging and immortality if i wish it. what is the connection? well perhaps time is an illusion. yet time marks existence. i will throw in odd stuff like telekinesis if this person feels everything is connected. Finally I have to mention manifestation by intention. This seems to be the most basic ability. those are just some examples. supposedly this life takes work and i will be a energy vampire if this happens. yet i vow not taking it from others.

i have learned something as i was typing this post. so i will leave it as the post is. thanks for reading.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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