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I have to post what just had occurred at Walmart . So majorly ehp dhp 666 sra mfh , H Rude Everywhere too !

Screenshots from another texting Fyiing , below in attachments about 7

I hope It transfers well . Had problems with posting It here already . With a Brand new Samsung phone 《 My iphone less than a year was disfuncted 》 too . I had to crop out some FYIing for privacy concerns  .

However  , You can get a jist. Gangstalked again .... there , here , Same Thing . Accumulated.

It ALLLLL has To Be taken back , ALLLLL Due Care , LoveJoyDivision  ~             SacredDivinePeace🤍

There was a lot edited out of the screenshot texts , like how a couple of Days prior to that. Walmart Mgr. refuse to call Me a taxi at night stranded , My phone disfuncted , wouldn't connect my pre paid phone I just purchased there too .... lol asking for a mgr. pretending to call a cab , and lied about too , At The Customer Service center ... At night , a full cart , cant push the locked cart and or carry My items purchased . By chance A Friend was Serendipity there at the c s desk , after a while of waiting She called a cab for Me . And now I believe She was hijacked by the same ones🤍

So much evil going here too🤍


* And the second to last screenshot attachment sounds like I texted " I Am Walmarts owner . It was dubbed on the text thread , and apparently the caption tag field is not  displaying here , explaining that too . Fyi

... the Security Gaurd who looked like the rock " , said I was off this Planet before   He " And apparently thought he owned the sidewalk too , telling Me to walk off their ' side , to the Light x the Street.

~ Of  Gods Country , Natures,  ALLLL Children Free from Ehp Sra 🤍

Good thing I was Telepathically told to go back. And they had My cart there ... didnt want to give Me My own personal belonging ,  dolly back. The one who threatened Me ( My Brother is a cop "  .... , the mgr . Who also did this whole song a dance after about how it did the normal check the aisles again ( however Not thoroughly and about 5 of them at once badgered Me too about It ) .  Looking for My removed shopping cart [ this has been done before too . Where after a hour or two ] Its weekend shopping , and I was told it was My fault for leaving the cart also . All occurred within 20 mins of leaving cart and coming back for and looking for about 10 mins myself . First employee wouldnt help me and didnt even tell me to go to customer service , snarky also .

I often leave cart aside a lot , not wanting to always contend with the other intentionally  bashers.. 🤍

Added another screenshot 🤍💟💗💙⭐️💜🌌⬜️⚪️🤍


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  • Screenshot_20221008-205249_Messages~2: " Im sure the real Owners " was dubbed on the text.
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