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hello. i have a recent idea and i want to put this down before i forget. i will try to put everything in plain terms for the readers.

recently i have noticed that vibration that makes up the current reality might be held in a vibrational container. if you cross it you can do a number of things. i will mention what you can possibly do as a result and also related topics

so what can you do as a result. i first thought of time travel. in fact i think the past is simply a kind of timeline. then other things i wonder is super speed because your bending the vibration. this is most likely done with machine but that could be lethal to humans. then again perhaps you can talk about warp drive so it all depends. if your going to change something like a magician you would need to cross a boundry of that object but then change the structure which is interesting. you probably get the point even thought the examples are complicated.

related topics: the galaxy seems to have a map like in a thor movie. so there is several different spots in this galaxy matrix. perhaps they even have a gate. you know worm holes? perhaps those can be used to travel from one side to another in general. so a theory like a galaxy map makes me think a place like asguard may be real in a way. the other related idea is interesting. perhaps there is a in between reality. some people in programs may have experienced it. like someone may have seen a person in their home but have no idea how that person got there. so beings seem to travel in the inbetween. alien abductions make more sense when keeping this odd reality in mind. i personally seen a ninja being on my public garage. who might have used this reality if it was not a neighbor. also any corporation or groups that manage this matrix may look over it using things like the inbetween vibration. hard to explain but its possible.

well thats it. i especially wonder what the monark solutions corp survivors think because im not sure if the time and space memories are from them or its my hybrid nature. thanks for reading.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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