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at the moment I'm interested in footage of cult leaders. At first these may just look like real everyday people. Yet try to look under/past their image. Are they a narc? Do they manipulate? Do they control? Do they want extreme attention? What is my intuition? do they have blind confidence in what they think? are they delusional? etc. its hard for some to see body language but maybe one can still pick up traits a cult like leader is trying to hide.

My group that acted like a cult had a director we seen every week. Well my ex cult leader David hasz had a speech at Ted talks. You may enjoy the speech but try to pick up things under the image. the other is heavens gate leader. Heavens gate seems like the classic cult. I can hardly tell body language but the heavens gate leader didn't blink. Creating more hypnosis for young or lost minds. He even tilted his head sometimes which I guess is supposed to look vulnerable. anyway take a look for your studies. possible trigger warning for some. on a side note I feel faith is very important. so I don't speak out against any faith. just fyi since alot  of cults seem to have a diety involved.

Teen mania leader at Ted talks.

Heavens gate footage. a must see. the most interesting cult video i seen.

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