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hello. i actually seen cryptids when i was trying to sleep. one of them was a hellhound in my dreams. this was the reoccurring dream phantom. im not sure if i was being milabed at the time in my life. anyway i would see a big black dog in my dreams with yellow eyes. this black dog demon was not friendly and i would wind up fighting it. it would also jump into my room and land on the bed that was never used. in a way i thought it might be attached to me or my family. turns out these things might be real cryptids. also there is a kind of black dog that is associated with the church . called the church grim. this is interesting because my birth mom was a ex nun. here are a few links. i may add to this if i see a fitting video.

types of hounds:

300 movie clip:

more info:

- Eclipse ,  Umbrella clearance Level 8


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