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talking about dreams may not be everyones thing but i have to write this one down.

in this one i woke up in a hospital looking facility. i sort of remembered being taken to a hospital and im guessing it was after a suicide attempt and was in critical condition when that happened. this is false remembering in a dream which is odd.

when i woke i noticed i was in a room. i was able to open the door to that room. it said something like mind control in progress. it also had a note that said about how im different then everyone else. when a man came i asked what that place was and if im a prisioner. i was thinking it was mk ultra. the male scientist who was as tall as i was mocked how i was saying my words. instead of answering. then i shouted do you want me to sound celtic?! which is a accent that happens to me in real life when im under social stress.

they ran in what looked like fear and possibly was about to get help. so i took off. when i got outside i wanted to make a tornado. it came down like a shadow instead but it was like a basic first catagory of tornado. looks like i had shadow powers instead of weather.

when i was having difficulty making something i did see a wing called loyal boys. i guess successful young male cases stayed there. that wing had the structure of an old ivy league school. now i was conserned about hurting any kids but i made a shadow tornado and threw it at the middle of the building. omg so much destruction! hehe it ripped the building in half as i got away from that area. perhaps this is a childhood/adolecent memory of a dream clone. i have one who can do umbrakinesis. he seems to be a negative soul and infected by the black goo but i wonder how he got that way. anyway thanks for reading. comment if you had a dream about escaping a facility or something related. im sure the comunity would be interested in hearing. have a good one.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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