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hello. well i have a interesting log today.

when i dream time i sometimes feel im a mimic\copy cat of super powers. thats if i use them as offense or as a tool. i been flying around and mimicking powers in dreams since i was a kid. nothing unusual for me. well in this last dream i was using a few different powers. then i was using solid darkness and shadow as a tool and weapon. like a black lantern but without having a ring and thinking about death which i think is what feeds their powers. i simply wished to use shadow powers. then to my surprise a black substance started to leak out of me! it was a a combination of thick gel and black blood. it definitely got all over my hands. i wasnt bleeding so i though " is this black goo?". in the dream i was rushed to a kind of sick bay even though i wasnt very conscious when they did. i guess i had a danger of bleeding out like in real life. however it was a black goo substance. how did it get there? it looks like it was implanted behind my back. it was interesting that i could use this kind of reasoning. also in one of my first noticeable milab dreams i used this weaponize darkness to unfortunately crush someone. they had no chance to fight back. conclusion: perhaps black good is multi dimensional. im not saying its the case but some of us might have a connection with our physical being and dreams. it might be unrelated but i am currently trying oil of oregano which is something like a antibacterial and anti viral. its better then risking my skin turning blue by taking silver. anyway thanks for reading and have a good one.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08


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