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I was pondering if this should be public. I guess so. I guess you can comment if your not trying to troll but I would turn off comments for this one if possible.

on oct first I guess they where going to destroy the earth using them trails and bio warfare. yet we can shift reality. on that day I lost a car key I keep separate. I also saw a big mattress in front of the apartment door. When I asked the parents if they knew anything it vanished when they are the only ones who would give me a unexpected object. is it a reality shift? perhaps it was on a day of destruction and I have a book explaining reality shifts. One thing is objects vanishing and or appearing.

Another sign is I was at Walmart. I seen multiple soda products. Where are they from? One bottle should have been Dr pepper but it was not. I was like what the hell... Did I shift? then a guy came by and said a random comment. Yes you can say gang stalking or from a group. yet I don't know. he said the number 3 in his comment. which was like " I been to three stores and could not find coke". that is Impossible and we say pop around here. Not coke for all brands. the other popular term is soda. another thing is the guy had no 2 liters selected when he left. (Note for a few people)  If you think it was a matrix agent perhaps your right.

Speaking of two letters here was a odd man when I was little who said he would give me his two liter if I stopped crying. it was in Michigan and I wondered if I was in a base as far as Detroit but I don't know.

the last thought Is there are gamers who play games on YouTube. one was playing her first resident evil. in her location a piano almost closed on the players hand. my right arm flinched! When my profile is umbrella themed. That is odd.

Update: I survived a gun shot in dream time. after a person was being super nice they tried to shoot me in the stomach after a hug. Yeah I punched them and controlled their hand. They seemed inhuman so I made them shoot self under the chin by twisting the arm. When they dropped I ran and a friend in a car showed up. I was like.... Gotta go! ( Which I would say in real life! ) the friend peeled off without asking questions. Then I noticed I was shot in the side/ stomach. What sucked is I was on the run without basic stuff and I was like I can't go back to my place for stuff untill very late. makes me think. thanks for reading.

well life feels strange right now but keep on keeping on.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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