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today's log is about people increasingly labeling me as a robot, artificial intelligence, a souless being, or a being other then themselves.

first i will say yeah my soul seeks to reach neutrality. im also slightly autistic but that never stopped me. i tend to do things like avoid eye contact unless i do it consciously. or i dont react to others the way they expect. i dont even like to show feelings naturally anymore. yet i understand the role in feelings when one is trying to co create their life.

a thought: does a.i. really have morals? i dont know. i guess they struggle with morals and feelings. that is not really me. my heart guides me as far as morals to protect myself and others. plus have human empathy. then there is a philosophy of how good and bad is really just a label but you cant really live day to day doing what you want if you are trying to care about yourself and others.

anyway is being called a bot / artificial intelligence a sign of moving on in a vibrational sense? most likely. this is how i switch dimensions. its interesting how people react to me. i even accidently jump scare other people. mostly with accidental stealth when moving.

so am i different and have a different condition then you? yes. its just something you will not know about. hard to describe as well. only one who might know about this is probably molecule man but i dont know who else. thanks to those who had a open mind about my case.

my friendly suggestion is be slow to call someone artificial intelligence/robot and even slower to call them a beast that is some how less then everyone else. im sure a lot of different beings can be cool as hell so give everyone a chance. stay open minded my friends.

note to super soldiers: i did take the multidimensional black goo into consideration but that does not seem to be the situation. maybe its one reason though

note to self: perhaps im on timeline 6. its ruled by alchemy according to molecule man but not sure how grounded i am in that reality yet. need more work to stay here until the next vibration.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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mabye it would be more organized if you put all your blog posts in the same strain post. instead of posting your blog messages in different strands or topics.  perhaps you should keep your blog posts all in the same topic.  Like this topic for example, just post your blog here instead of opening a new topic each time you blog.  It would be more organized and condensed that way and more people would probably see your posts

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