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Hi just saw a YT video of Rosanne Barr talking about Kannabis blocking mind control and programming due to mk ultra. This is my comment on that video:

"Kannabis blocking mind control, not necessarily. It could and It might make you in an extra sensory state, able to more sense encroaching mass consciouness of programming/synthetic Intel., via invisible Astral Hi- Technologies. They can override a "high" person. By zapping your mind with satellite (and other means, astrally/etherically invisible to the mortal eye) and "zap" your Mind and/or Soul feeling/Soul expression (Soul Bodies) affecting your memory by stunning your   Soul memory feeling (I feel below my abdomen and heart chakra area) and its makes you forget what you were just thinking! Sometimes it (what I was forgeting) came back if I Prayed for it but not all the time Prayer change it to remembering. It feels like your Soul got blasted and fragmented and not whole, lasts for maybe for about 30 seconds to a couple minutes. It's like you can't piece the whole picture, of the memory, in your Soul feeling..........  Anyway, I use and make my own diodes, for my body, devices and wall outlets. I want to make and to test out a magnet or some metal hanky or blanky for my head or body, a diode type of thing. For the extremities we are all in. "

- I  was wondering if anyone knows of a solution to the zapping the Soul memory feeling, a certain type of diode maybe? I found some great videos and ideas but wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I want to make a metal blanket too. There are pliable metal fabrics, tapes and threads I've noticed. I saw a metal mesh head cap too on Amazon but it was $55. What about the magnets? Which pole side facing you?? 

Attached are some videos and ideas I found online. A video with someone who had someone come to his house and read if it had dirty electrical. I had that done once before for our newborn at the time. It didn't feel right in his room, it turned out not to be dirty electricle (with the meter reading the space). He used some kind of white powder and wrapped it in a triangle shape in nylon fabric and taped it near the dirty electrical reading space. I don't know what that powder was. It looked like baking powder, I don't know if it worked even.

On the video of sheilding a room.     He did an entire room sheilding with special tape  (taping in a certain way), special paint and special metal screen etc..... ; Another short video of a quick budget mylar space blanket sheild with meter reading; a very simple copper lined budget Fedora hat (made with back adhesive copper bought on eBay) with a cloth over that to avoid conduit contact; you can do a baseball cap that way too! I've even  seen aluminum foil to shield (shiny side out, facing the intruding ray's, I have read, in layers). Does anyone know which side facing out? Also, another video on making a simple energy trap stick on with aa copper wire coil; and a simple how to make, Concentration Headband, with easy instructions on how to find the correct polarity for wearing the headband correctly with dowsing. If you don't wear it correctly it will give you a headache.

Videos: The room with emf/emr's sheilding. Dr. Jay Davidson YT video. I believe he bought the supplies from The anti emf/emr paint is made in Germany. docstar77 YT video on how to make a simple copper wire (***I think 22 gauge copper wire coil, foam double stick tape, black spray paint optional) Its a budget energy trap stick on and the Concentration Headband. This guy is really cool for showing how and even test the polarity if you don't know how to dowse. He gives permission to sell even. Roseanne Barr video re mk ultra mind control and the Kannabis comment. A short video with the mylar space blanket


**** I had to re-edit somebody's censoring again, the nerve, they also completely erased my last note on the bottom of this posts regarding this. Anyway, I also added elaboration on some thing ***. ❤♥


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whitelion342 posted:

check this out found this as well...FYI...

Cool site! I would have to really be in a space to read all her stuff. She seems very intensive, esoteric and creative! 

Usually when I read the esoteric I really can't be distracted, as lm typically mercurial all over the place. I want to read her writings. The short amount that I did, seem very interesting spiritual* high knowledge.   ~The Evolution of Belief Paradigms. Also there is special Military  information too. 

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