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The only long term team of super soldiers, psychics, researchers, etc... Coming together to share and understand the unknown.
Understand exactly what happens to people who either absolutely are in fact, or absolutely convinced of facts relating to

A) abduction
B) strange beings (usually small grey aliens but by no means always
C)augmentation, training, return, gaining super human powers, memory tampering, torture, PTSD, psychic abilities, memories of UFOs, military, super soldiers, reptilians, ancient spiritual knowledge pertaining to ley lines and serpents, psychedelic experiences, ritual magick, extremely complex mind control, etc...
This is a page for paranormal phenomenon, but unlike other pages it is run only by experts, researchers, and experiencers. Also unlike any other page or website it is run almost entirely by individuals who have some experience with mind control phenomenon, magick, and the military- what the internet has forever deemed "super soldier".

From a research perspective, we have a lot of revelations we want to share and will be over the coming months, but yet another distinction absolutely must be made. This is not a platform for anarchy, satanism, pornography or any kind of other severely unrelated or distasteful corner of filth, we are forced to see everyday on the internet. 

Our mission is clear, it's to figure out what happened to us and hope is never happens to anyone else. We are not here to place blame or point any fingers. This is never a place to argue with researchers, survivors, or victims over nonsense.

With that being said, if you have a question for someone, and you've gone through the trouble of researching their other work, please feel free to message us, but try to keep the conversation private if possible. 

Disclaimer to anyone "watching" us: We are not hackers, we are not revolutionary wannabe doomsday prepping deluded fools, we have no interest in suggesting or condoning or participating in any course of action against another human being(s). We do not believe violence is going to help anything. We aren't even religious extremist of any kind. We are curious and we are researchers, and if that becomes a crime just send us an email and we can move on with our lives without incident. Thank You for watching everything all the time.
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Super Soldiers
UFOs and Alien Abduction
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