Also let's not forget that in 1986, The U.S. Airforce repeated the Michael-Morrison experiment with a success due to more advanced techniques and this was published in the Scientific Journal called NATURE Volume 322 page 590 (August 1986 Issue). Remember that Proof I said I had? I know I don't listen I am told lol

I believe Ether is  thought too. In the Tarot cards the Archetyped illustration of a Blue Sky = Consciousness (Clarity). The Air element is connected to intelligence and the mind. In the Bible, it says the Creator is Word. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Everything starts from thought (stemming from a Feeling/Emotion), it's intangible and yet it can become very Tangible, Manifested !
Have you ever "Felt the Stench" of Foul Ether ? Is what I'm trying to say, so to speak. The ugliest peeps don't think well, hence the Black Goop, evil Dark Energy and evil Dark Matter, the Bad design (de-creation attempt of The Creator and Creatrix) the Bad energy = finite concrete pain. I don't believe a humanoid person is necessarily Human and/or Humanity (illustration of ALL Ether/All Creation)
Ether is defined as : 
"the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds."
It Also said in physics, Ether is "highly elastic substance"?? Hmm interesting ...... Maybe the material/essence of Ether has a give to it.  Like it comes back to Itself, even though it Is Itself (The Universe). Maybe from ripples/radiation from other ideas/ether and thought and action, affect  like that (radiating back unto Itself).

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