Hello good people,

I will tell you about one of many attempts to abduct me.The reality is not so great,they abducted me through all my life,almost every night.Among other things,Im an empath,extremely  sensitive in all senses.I just remembered,that I never wrote what I really am,in their tests,in school.I always make few mistakes,just to be "under their treshold "so that they dont notice me,but all that was in vain...Bastards did whatever they wanted with me... I need to show them,how it feels to be paralyzed,but with open eyes,looking and feeling(!) everything they do to me...Its just not fair!I was just a kid,how could I do anything?!But few times,as an adult,I kicked their asses!),for real(!) when they least expected! Now they know,who are they dealing with..

Now,I will describe one of those small,but most important victories.Me vs them...

Hello again,

It was in the last days of 2009.It happened in front of my eyes.I was fully awake and standing( in my room).Wall that is facing me in my flat,started to shimmer and there they were!1 tall grey and one smaller sitting behind the desk.They started to paralyze me and they thought that I will go with them,like many times before.I have almost no memory that this was happening to me,when they were abduct me...

Then it began,they started to drag me by my right arm/hand(my body was paralyzed...).It was like a large truck was pulling me slowelly,more and more! It was that strong...

Then I started to use whatever I could and I "saw" that 1 part of my brain was not affected so strongly.They thought that there will not be any resistance from me...   Ha ha!They underestimated me! Big mistake! They  were pulling me towards their ship,or whatever that "other"place was.I said to myself,give it all you got!  Cmon! Lets show them what a human being is capable of! I started to yell,but without any sound(only in my mind).That is the first thing you should do,cause I learned while I was training to be a fighter,kick boxer and Deep-Te-Kyon.Yes I trained a lot before,in police academy  and I was good,very good...Twice vice champion of my country(Croatia ) and once,champion,the best of the best in my own town(cca. 55 000 people or so...).I had to fight,face to face,with every single fighter in my own town,to become a champion...This means a lot to me.I knew that I have extreme strenght,when needed.So,what a heck,I kicked them all!So,this is what I was refering to.So long story short,I pulled my hand so strong that I was ready too loose the arm,just to defy them! It hurt like hell,but pain is just that,a pain and I was beyond all that,I was a "monster"how strong I was.I was even thinking about letting them to take me on board and then...You can imagine what would I do to them.Now,as Im writing this,I remembered ,that maybe they "saw"what will happen to them (and their paralyzing machine").So.after they "saw"what will happen to them,they left much faster than ever before! So it looks like my tactics actually worked! But,this is not easy to do,dont be fooled.          This was only one of many confirmations that I am/was maybe a super-soldier?Actually ,I know that I am something out of ordinary.Another thing is that I dont remember my childhood.There is a lot "missing time" .Maybe cause of that bloody war(1991-95) and possible PTSD?! Or something else,but I know from the moment I came here,on Earth that I am a volunteer a seeker,star seed,light worker,super-soldier?!          It doesnt matter.I knew how to levitate(now I cant...) before,etc...One thing stayed the same,I can hear peoples thoughts and feel what they feel.So now, I am thinking how to help people to ascend and give as much knowledge as I can to people that want to listen to my message.Telepathy is something normal to me.It took me a long time till I found out that people dont have that possibility. I want to teach anyone that wants to know ,how to communicate without talking.This and many other things are boiling in me....I must start talking about what I can see/feel. Oh,yes...I remember another important thing,I can see "into" people,literally... I love to heal people that are just passing by on the street ,it actually happened few days ago.One old lady had 2 crutches and her legs were messed up.I did what I could,with help of beings that are always near me,my guides and protectors,connectors with Source...So,it took me only a few seconds to see(like roentgen) what was wrong with that ladys legs.I asked for help and in front of me the "magic" started to happen...Step by step ,her legs started to level! I was surprised how fast my"crew" did the job...Why am I writing this?!To say that anything can be fixed!Jus loose the fear and connect with your higher self.I am doing this ,because ,the feling after you helped someone,is incredible! I was happy,smiling an full of energy.It looks like,with every "healing" I have a "reward",so its a win-win situation!We can do anything!This is the truth,we have to start doing what we know,ASAP! Time is NOW.Lets do this people!

Thank you all for reading this.It wasnt my intention,but somehow I ended up here,after so long...Love is the key,lets show them what are they missing.


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Sure,I know what you mean...Tell me,if you want,of course,are those thing still happening to you?

Yes,it happened to me too,not so long ago,but its not even close like it was before...Do you feel that this is happening less than before? I see that they dont have permission to abduct us,just like that,any more.Earth is protected ,it is like a  quarantine now.I see ships all the time and there is only good feeling about them.Do you think so to?

Listen,Im from Europe,Croatia and it is 4.28 in the morning!I have to go to sleep,so can we talk tomorrow?I really have to go .Il be in touch.Bye for now!

hmm... i hear e.t. needs to gain permission to enter your space. its via counsel laws. i can possibly look up my source. protecting your space is worth a shot. i have done space clearing before. im not sure how i would be able to talk if its a alien contact via lucid dream. i just remember the universal greeting. i guess it goes designation, species, rank, and location of origin.  mine is eclipse/mysterio for designation ( i would use my english earth name) , human for species, i choose creator being for my rank. if your military say your rank, and universal star map location is sol terra 3. for 3rd rock from the sun. 

- eclipse , eternal watcher

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The comment before this one has completely changed. Fyi i will hopefully become a computer student soon so i will be on the lookout for bots and hackers as a non admin for as long as im on the system. no disrepect if the member pinzingerich is real.

- eclipse , eternal watcher

Eclipse,  they don't need our permission for shit. They only follow their own laws. Most of what we are told regarding ets, aliens is all bullshit to make us compliant to them. Or to make us think we are safe from them when we most certainly are not. Pur memories are everything! And without them we are powerless and suffer. We are much more than they are and they fear us getting our memories back. 


@eevie i understand where your coming from. i personally had no in the flesh run ins with full bloods. Interesting how memories can be that valueable. i def have some kind of natural memory loss about who i am. 

- eclipse , eternal watcher

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