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Does anyone know if the Indian prime minister Modi has been cloned.

Before the elections he was talking about restoring Indias greatness and talked about how genetic engineering used to exist in Ancient India.

Apparently the deep state wasn't happy with this.

Prime MInister Modi seems to have become a completely different person after being elected prime minister. He has been making laws to oppress the Hindus and gives a free hand to muslims to genocide Hindus.

I think maybe he has been replaced by a clone.

Is this possible or has he been compromised with mind control technology or something?

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i dont know anything about politics with that country. i just know it might be alarming if they start to go out of there way to be friends with the usa when its not the usual thing. alarming because usa is not at peace time very much. i guess that comment is because i was like what if india joined nato? that would be interesting. anyway yes. also perhaps you can spot small differences with a before and after pic. mind control tech in living humans? i have yet to think about that kind of thing. i did hear of mind controlling things like black goo or a conspiracy about how a alien gives you a worm and it leaves a black eye. usually on the left. then this organism controls your mind. i think its called the black eye club. which you can look up. it happened to alex jones and it seems different. perhaps they have mind control tech to create a kind of walking dead soldier. this can just be dead humans like in universal soldier. yet i must ponder mind control tech. for the living. perhaps implants but not sure how that would fit with powerful or public figures. They seem to have at least one clone for every modern usa president. in some cases the guy was still alive but im not sure if the real biden is still living. Thanks for reading.

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