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~ I want to send Love to Yous " who are needing some Love n Appreciation of , from , to And for Humanity .

I am sending a recipe for Bathe Bombs n or Shower Melts ** (if You dont have a tub/without the excess Oils ) :

You will need a largish mixing bowl  ; a wooden spoon  ; measuring cups ; a clean spray bottle with water ; a bomb mold     - You can use a small bowl |for half a sphere, a plastic ornament/ halved or even a tennis ball cut in half | to compress together tightly to make a firm sphere, anything You can pack the Bathe product into a solid form .

And : Essential Oil (s) of Your choice ; Food Coloring  ; 1 Cup Baking Soda  ; 1/2 Cup Citric Acid (You can find in the supermarket , its usually in the canning section or a health food store , or order online )  ; 1/2 Cup Espom Salt (I used Sea Salt)  , 1/3 Cup all together of Coconut Oil And Olive Oil ; You can also put dried herbs ect. too ..... This recipe made 4 half spheres or two whole spheres  .

You might (probably) have to sieve ( or just whisk out the lumps ) the dry ingredients , mix well ;  then add the wet ingredients , about 5 - 8 drops each (not more than @20 drops all together) of the Essential Oils (be careful not too much n probably a little skin test too ( because some essential oils can be too volatile on different People , You can look this up online if You are not already knowing if You are allergic  ) Some E.O.s are less caustic than others . Just be careful  n cautious  ! Mix Very well , then use the water sprayer to lightly mist (not to activate it) the mixture as mixing ( again careful not to activate the citric acid) , into kinda a sandy' consistency that when pinched , It stays together . Then pack it up firming into Your chosen mold . Then tap the mold with the firmed form of mixture onto a clean tray n or lined cookie sheet (to avoid chem reaction from the e. oils , etc . on metal ) . Dry for 24 Hours , then it's ready ! Drop into a tub of warm water for use as a pick me up ,          cheer up ) , a relaxing Moment  of Space n or a simmer down ) Also , in the shower **  [just place on the bottom of Your shower |in this case omit the Coconut n Olive Oils , You dont want to slip  !!!!! ]  One was enough for the bathe . May I also suggest like I do ,  a tea candle without the lights too ~ Ah Sanctuary .......Sanctity  ) 

If You dont have that right now n its required -  even vicarious imagination too can work as well .

To keep longer wrap in cellophane , plastic wrap or in an air tight container without light after the 24 - 48 hours drying time .

Anyway , I was really Happy with my results  ) . Make LoVe Not war|bombs * (no pun intended) .

 I did two colors ( in two separate bowls ) Pink with Geranium scent N the Yellow with Lime n Orange scent with Hibiscus flowers I put Grapefruit  Essential  Oil on ( this kinda of activated the citric but it worked out ) 

I got this recipe from Colorful Canary , YT Channel  ~  DIY Slow Fizz Bath Bombs | No Corn Starch | All Natural  7:32 Minutes  . I love how She uses Natural ingredients Screenshot_20190528-074910_YouTube(we dont want to put stuff ' down the drain . Eco conscious n friendly ) . I Love  Her molds too ! 

I Hope N Wish You ALL Enjoy ~ Thank Yous "  Love ~ Humanity  Anchored | Sovereign unto ItSelf ( without ev*l rule in any way shape or form ! ) Resoundingly  Still ~ Humanity  ! Thank You to the Ones that Protect You And  I  ~ And  Each Other ~ JoyLove~LoveJoy +💜 ))))))))))

Some ideas :

Coffee n Cocoa powder , Chai n Vanilla , Rose n Orange , Lime n Coconut , Lavender ,  Bergamot , Patchouli  , Vetiver ...........


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