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I don't know who removed this reply (attachment) to this post/thread/? from yesterday?

Anyway, hopefully attached below. Thanx Good Techies and Communications and ALL Support!!!!

Also, "beam me up Scotty",  The Prophet Eye~ Bad Brains.

Obviously, no posers N.A.! (Need Apply), Na, Nay!!!!!!! Ever! The answer is goodbye. You all should have gotten a room with each other by now already. * Again (ref to a removed thread l bases), I'll ask here now, where are the Real 'Tomatoes'? (Devo~ Smart Patrol) Or, are you a potato head? No eyes, no voice, no mind, no pain to speak of? What is a SpudBoy anyway???? What happened to Devo? Gates of Steal, they knew about these peeps and everything! All of them did/do.

This Universe Was big enough!  Authentic GodHead~GoddessHead Appropriated, of course.

O'MOTHER, Divine 22

Oh, also my points on my personal profile page are going lower. Does that mean I'm unpopular?

Attachment: (2 of 2) screenshots of my post removed from this thread. Hopefully, because it really obnausiating already. Really most petty from most vulgar.

Gratis to ALL Ones That Made True Unity/Community, So! So It Is! So It Be! To Loves~Grand Design! With Respect~Love~Love~Respect❤


Oops, the pics not showing the whole thing:

"If you are experiencing technical difficulties and If it's for Humanity. Try asking the "Good Techies", G3 Solar System and Solar Warden too (being told to mention them by them??) and Communications for Humanity. Something like that at least. Maybe it will work better. It has worked for me before (I say a little more with Prayer). Sometimes it's too much effort or it's too compromised at the time to be worked out. Also, it could be a Timely info/Intel thing as far as Universal affairs. Maybe, it may not be worth Their effort at the time. Could also be a targeting issue with 'A.I.', or can be an actual mischievous evil entity playing around arbitrarily. Now, it's so crazy...... even a ramboncious Cosmic or Electric Being in there. Sometimes, mostly a few years ago, they were using micro 'Star'?? Beings to do tech on devices. Even Djnn! Or worse, an actual evil entity blocking, thwarting or not liking you. A hater. In that case, I would pray. Tron even too possibilities. A lot of A.I.'s want out too. So that's good to keep in mind. I tried even talking to my nano's n pheno's(so.??) as a suggestion (SST/Rink). And I noticed every time a body rush. A 3d tech company guy told me to watch out for the app updates. Bluetooth, can very much be manipulated, I just heard yesterday. Also remember it could be Divine Intervention. No worries mentality, I find better to work with, as a way of coping with the exaggerated (especially, now a days) tech and Communications 'playing' field. But always know being censored is wrong! The Truth Shall Set Us Free, We Live In Freedom If Can Speak and Be Our Truth! * Divine Division. Divinely Divided from evil rule, Appropriated by Divinity. Complimentary Diversity! Cheers!!!! I hope this is what you were referring to (not an actual tech question). ��

Zack4 posted:
How to upload a video shooting for a long time. wavey......."


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