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so i seem to be a actual witch. this is my notes on it. im not sure how far this power goes but im open to actual magic in general. not just parlor tricks. with respect of course. a fun fact is a rumor says feathers have been spotted growing out of the necks of actual old crones. or elder magic users. anyway here is my notes on being a possible witch as loose evidence i should consider.

main evidence. 1. i saw hell hounds in dreams. its said that hell hounds are witch familiars. a interesting thing is hellhounds seem to be fae/fairy dogs depending on what legends your talking about. 2. someone who was intuitive said i had a druid vibration. not sure how else to describe it. i figured i was just a celtic druid descendant. druid is a type of magic user or faith to this day. even if the actual thing was lost to history. 3. i was practicing intuition with others and when someone took a turn they said im like a bad guy from the episode of charmed. sure they said take a step back at the time. thats always good. its just interesting that they even said that. like i was a magic user with the attitude of darth vader or something. 4. well you can say im in the super soldier community and professionals have viewed my physicality as unusual. right down to the cosmetologist that said my hair has all kinds of spiral patterns.

odd supporting evidence. 1. im learning how to influence life by feelings and visualization/day dreaming. almost like its my job as a being. this is currently the least of what i have to offer but its there. 2. my mom was a ex nun. 3. im a survivor of a house fire when i was 2. no official opinion on who or what started it. the professionals claim it was arson on the part of my brother. who was only four years old. so in a way i was also born of fire. in fact the current version of me came in after the fire accident if im some kind of a walk in.

well thats it. i will post about any unusual occurrences if i can talk about it. have a good one - eclipse

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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