I Was A Psychic Super Soldier

I am new to this site and this will be my first post and it will be kinda long, but its my life story. I lived an ordinary life, but throughout my life I have had visions of things that have happened to me and the physical evidence to prove it. The whole time I was living my Earthly life, I was secretly a MILAB super soldier. I have decided to post my experiences here. When I was a little kid in the 90's --I'm 26 now-- I was abducted by Zetas. I remember that it was at night and I remember floating facing down and I went through my ceiling. I remember seeing that some of the lights in the house were on. I then saw a huge silver flying saucer that was pretty big, about 100 feet across. I remember that I was scared, but something was calming me down. I think it was God that was doing it. Then I was inside the ship on some kind of operating table in a circular room, and there were 3 or 4 Zetas standing in front of me that were looking at me. I had the feeling that they were evil living beings, not robots.  I didn't see any other people in the room. I remember seeing the Earth and the ship from a third person perspective. I saw the ship sitting in orbit, but way more further away than the ISS is. I saw the Earth at night and the sunlight coming up over the horizon to the left. There were also small porthole windows and the stars in the background. I also saw what looked like small metal spherical drones going back and forth in space. These are the same little silver drones that appear on NASA footage above Earth. When I was 14 to 15, I had more abductions. Every time, I was above the Earth on a ship in varying distances from the Earth. And every time, I would wake up with nose bleeds. And on time, I was in a place in space where all I could see were the stars in the background. I think I was in interstellar space. Then the abductions stopped. And from when I was a teen up until I was 25, I would have visits by cloaked praying mantis looking good aliens that would check up on me for some reason. 

     When I was 16, I had dreams that I would be laying in bed at night, and a bluing white oval portal opened up in my closet door that was open. The portal was rotating slowly and it had streamers. An older man with gray hair and wearing a black suit came through and stood off to the side and looked at me. Then a Military man wearing camo came through and would stop and look at me. This was followed by me being taken with other kids to an advanced underground facility where me and other kids were trained in physical conditioning, combat, meditation, and guns. I think that this had been going on since I was a little kid up until I was 17. In my Earthly ordinary life, I had the physical sings to prove that something was going on. I had the nose bleeds, I would hear beeping and buzzing sounds; I had scars that would randomly appear and I would wake up with sore muscles, and wake up with needle marks. I just blew them off until I realized what was going on. I remember that I have always had one scar on the side of my face from an accident that happened when I was a little kid. And I remember in middle school looking at it and thinking that it would look badass if it had been a little longer. Then the scars started to appear. A very big, deep scoop mark appeared just below it, then another scoop mark on the other side of my face. And then a line that looked like it could have been caused only by a knife. 

     In my regular life, I have always had really bad anxiety and I couldn't even drive because I have driving phobia since I was 14, and I couldn't handle certain jobs. I always thought that I was a damaged person and it was hard for me to go out, get a job, drive, and get my own place. When I was in highschool, I had flashbacks  of me being in combat in different places, then just recently I have been getting my memories back and remembering the flashbacks that I had before. What happened was that I was abducted by aliens, then I was abducted by the Military and I became a MILAB psychic super soldier, but I was more of an advanced newer kind of soldier. I will tell my memories in order as best as I can.

     When I was 17, I was in the Marines secretly for this program. They would come in when I was sleeping and take me to a Military base, then wake me up and activate me; but most of the time I was awake and they would freeze time and I would come willingly and go on a mission, then they would return me to my house at around the same time that I had left and I had a strange sensation. Sometimes I would zone out for a second  and then look at the clock and it would be 3 hours ahead in 1 second. When I was 17 up until I was 26, I would be taken to a Military base, and activated. They would then give me an injection to make me more compliant to follow orders. I had free will, though. Then they would inject me with a tan looking liquid that would enhance me. My earliest combat memories were around that time and they would insert me in Iraq or Afghanistan, or both and I would be in combat situations with other ordinary Marines that just assumed I was just one of them. I was a psychic sniper and I remember being on rooftops when firefights were happening between Marines and Muslims and I was taking out targets with sniper rifles. I have remote viewing, remote influencing, and precognition. I would use my precognition with my remote viewing and sniping skills to do exact kills. Then some years later, I was on a Military craft with other Marines. This was a badass looking Military carrier that was about a mile long. It was black and the center was like a rectangle, and the sides stretched way out and came to kind of an end. On the sides of the top were rows and rows of guns, and fighter craft would come in and go out of landing bays that were on the sides. This was in space and it would take off from a spacedock I think. I was then taken to Mars in it. When I was on Mars, I was a sniper and I was wearing some kind of digital desert camo power armor. I remember shooting some kind of sniper rifle and taking out people during firefights, and carrying out assassinations. And that the sand dunes were not as red as they are on the NASA photos, they were more brownish white looking like Arizona, and the sky was blue.  I remember that what I was killing were taller dark green shorter snouted reptilians. I later found out that these were the Draco. I remember being on rooftops from a long distance away and on the left side of the battlefield were US Marine soldiers shooting at Draconian soldiers that were on the right side. And I was taking them out from a distance. My last op that I was on was in early 2016 and either it was a black operation for the Marines, or it was a rogue Military, I have the strong since that it was for a rogue Military that is none of the Military branches that is its own Military that is super advanced. I remember that it was in Chile and it was at night. I was getting off a super advanced black stealth helicopter and I was wearing a dark black and gray digital armor of some king. I think the digital pattern could change and flow, and it had some kind of cloaking ability and I was holding some kind of assault rifle. I was leading a small squad of five who all wore the same armor. I went down the ramp and motioned for me men to move out and then we went into some kind of buildings. It had something to do with cocaine and weed. The mission was to raid the place, confiscate some of it, and maybe do an assassination of a drug kingpin that was over there. That is the last mission that I was on. Since I have accepted that all this happened to me and that I am a psychic super soldier, I feel way better and a lot of anxiety has gone away. I will update if any more memories come back. 

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Cody, it sure must feel good to get that off your chest. Your story has similarities to what was put about on the tube by another Marine. I don't hear much from him these days, Randy Kramer he went by and i don't doubt the gist of what he came out with. I wish you only the best.

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