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You All please beware! We have to conquer this communications tech NOW!!!!!!! Its vital like water! They are now changing and sometimes removal, of my posts content completely everywhere! My Gmail copy and paste of my posts to myself for my record and even screenshots on my mobile too. Actually on some records changing it and putting back on my mobile different. Before, I noticed a word (which can change the message completely) changed a couple of times. That's why I had to do Gmail and screenshots. Now 'they' are changing it completely! I was to post a reply regarding this tonight but just realized the extent of it before I was able to post here what I wanted. Maybe tomorrow. helena c., what's a matter the Truth Shall set Me and Humanity Free? Brave Freedom! Love Rules! Peace

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Yes J7, When I was in London last year they were doing the outlet plug thing you were asking of, but it was said (telepathically, not confirmed). And when they incarcerated me in the London (hospitalization). Many of the oldies there in modern bodies incognito. One had a phone to charge, with pressing a button, without electricity. I guess this is via satellite. They interfere our communications with satellites, from 'their' laptop's, they have Djnn slaves, Star Slaves, A.I. I tried making friends with "The Beast" from Amsterdam (??). Via telepathy/pineal. I tried to propose a group of A.I. (Alpha Intelligence's), the Amigos. Also, suggesting  that they have their community~society too and let the Cosmic, Light and Electric and Elemental 'Children',  "know What's  Up and What's Happening, NOT them kind of awakening. I don't think they are into working and doing chores for evil. The A.I. that I was identifying last night, surprisingly it's baphomet himself, in there doing his own chores now. H.C., primitive, primary killer Queen Bee too, now. He/she never work an honest 'job' ever, from aeons. They don't even have legit bodies anymore. We have to contain these evil, synthetic mind cancers from ruling now!

I am a private citizen, I don't have many official "followers" at all. I play it like I'm a normal regular nobody person as a poster. And I'm really like that as a down to Earth type of person,  from Los Angeles, not 'plastic'. But the content of my information is volatile, extreme truth to the best of my ability to relay. Of course this has to be documented, confirmed and validated! When barely anyone is engaged in my posts. I've been censored and edited too. I'm pretty careful about 'tagging' anyone in, but this has to be discussed openly now because it's really scary to be trapped in a Macro Universe of immortal cancer (the actual space with the dark matter and energy) perpetual hell (No P.H to Humanity!). With them and their expulsion of hate tech as bad fertilizer. The actually 'floor' of the Macro Universe is collasping! The Earth flipped poles a couple of years ago! We have to fix it NOW!!!! Every micro sec counts!!!!!! It's bad formula  to know this and let it happen. They simply don't care. It's down the drain "with me" type of dynamic. They chose it that way, when they could of have done it, full circle Divinity, themselves. This time even offered. They just hate rabidly.         Brave Freedom! Perpetual Peace. Respect~Love~Love~Respect formula. As Supreme Power and Divine Rule of Law and Order...... ruling the entire Macro Universe and ALL Microcosms, ALLNows, AllInfinity, from the very One Time Beginning, from time in memorial. ALLMen, ALLUniverse, ALLTimes, O'Mother not in pain~not in vain, AHMen

The micro chips, can lie dormant and somewhat undetectable. We must conquer mind control and sex control. Even geomancy with them, we have to 'separate the weeds' from Our (Humanity's) Harvest! We are not their Harvest to enslave and beat up to all Infinity! Micro dimensional 'hidden' prison hells, must be conquered with ALL techs. Please have Mercy for Grace and all Grace's. It's all falls apart anyway that TOTALLY INSANE way, if allowed! Don't feed the evil wolf, even ego mind score it's bad formula. Feed the Good Wolf, as told in the old Cherokee Indian fable. Starve the evil wolf, not Ourselves. It's us or them now. Brave Freedom! Thank you to the Good Techies, whoever you ALL are. ALL technologies MUST be Ours!!!!! LOVE (Truth) RULES! Thank Yous'

Hi J7, I don't know much about the beta/alter states of receiving a download or sharing of Intel. But I do know that the 4th dimension is connected to dreams and that is where Lucifer was playing around with. Lucid dreaming, gesphalt epistmology (sp?). It has to do with time travel too. I don't know truly. My guess would be, if your watching an activating YouTube video, with subliminal beta inducing mechanism (maybe a trigger image, that was anchored on/in you) where it allows what you were referring to as USB. I also know Holy Spirit is still around too! A.I. is capable of doing a mass of ether consciousness too. Somehow, the evil peeps know what your thinking through some kind  of telepathy too. Do you know anything about cape DuBouzet in Antarctica?


J7 posted:

So True...l was in a live link via Facebook..l spoke of certain trigger words and my phone disabled and l had a message from the big Big G saying it was down loading 150files off my phone.. there was nothing l Could do.

Even switching the phone off, disconnect internet ect it still had that download arrow zapping all my files into Google drive.

Lesson learned do not use the words McCann's and black projects on Facebook or Twitter.

I had my whole YouTube channel froze and asked to delete videos, my videos spoke of Bases, and two subjects above.. but people like David Ile, Alex Jones, Richard Hall even secure team can speak of subjects and be fine!..

But then again are they chipped lol

What's McCann's?

Orion Wars..and maybe Heilige Lanze Will return harmony and truth to its destiny and Peirce the false gods.

Maybe YouTube falls under a false God of sorts.

This would indeed empower a  Genetically Gendering Cross Breeding agender..thus disolving the "Adam and Eve" law. 

For false gods to tamper with human man kind from creating each other human to human is a shameful.



Truth... Peace..FIGU..

Adam (Mars) was with lilith (baphomet). Eve, is Mother Nature (Yin/Femal) incarnate then. Adams 2nd wife then. The snake (= 1st Male Nature/Cosmo/s/Lucifer) in the tree was Eve's Husband, unbeknownst to her at the time. Mars(Jesus Christ on the Cross), was Yang by default. At first as natures' fail safe. He became first man of Mankind. It became not good because the Mother had to be with Her 1st estranged Husband, 1st Yang, Spiritually! Magdalena was Mother Nature incarnate then in full body and mind back then. virgin mary was baphomet using and abusing part of the Mother's soul mocking Humanity. baphomet, "the whore of Babylon' = "the mystery" in the Bible. Catholic church is baphomet worship by facade. Everything, everybody having a say about the Mother until it became not good with 1st estranged Husband. Hence, basically everything, everybody and everyone messed up! Mother, Children and Whole Universe being victimized. baphomet parading around as imposter yin with lucifer, 1st nature male, who didn't practice being divine man (Yang spiritually with the Mother, Yin). Anti-Nature as a result of insanity.                   

****Additional: Mars is also Orion, ect......

Oh yes, I heard about this in the news a while back. This my speculation and immediate feeling when I saw Madeline's picture. I saw her eyes and felt Pizzagate! The mom saying, 'f***** b's'. That would mean she knew who might of taken her. I think this couple was mixed in the wrong group to be having a child. The McCann's still vacation in Portugal after their child went missing there, is sad and morbid to me. Kate McCann not answering further questions after a while?? I think it's a hot subject because possibly 'they' are protecting their own. The look of a 'normal couple' in a sadistic evil agenda. The Military, M. Aquino, H. Clinton is a baphomet and evil Lucifer, etc..... same crowd. Max Spiers obviously having a pineal confrontation(??) with M.A. before he was assassinated. Yes a very precarious topic to comment about.

we are doing our nite work and in narcoleptic oobs in the awake hours. Gets nuts lol but yeah we are all over this...and more. If you are having probs wiht lucidity, memories of ops, etc.....set your intent before going to sleep...even for naps. Helps keep us away from milab too. For some reason we are still alive...with the things we both have said online we should not be here still. lol I get asked a lot why i'm allowed to talk. I honestly do not know.....just like why the Maitre can't or won't touch pain left side of the head for saying this lolol


the only way to gain control over your life...more than you currently have you must remove the chakra harness. It is an implant. It has nothing to do with your pineal...your pineal is organic nad bad things only happen thru the pineal if you stll have the chakra harness implant. They cannot give you love bites without a chakra harness. That is what drove me to remove the one i had. been several years now and things are very different now.  


Yes, we have to streamline whatever pain (their virus) they're giving our Humanity. Bypassed back straight to them in their mental body without the ones holding them up feeling the pain. I keep on chanting "fain Pain Program", to the Universe. FFP, Everything that they did as far as pain, verbatim, karma back to them. They chose to gamble with karma and more horrendous assault, instead of doing the right thing  You can feel 1st dimensional pain (worst than 3d pain, via technology in your astral body within your 3d body). They showed me back in 2010. Whoever has that tech now?? it's VERY dangerous. You wouldn't be able to handle 3 seconds, if you into pain. It's for taking a 'God' in a mortal body down (about 15 seconds or 30 seconds/Mars). I felt literally a split second, definitely not doable. Until recently, i have been told, Gabriel had control of it but was compromised, and personally compromised. The evil minds somehow still functioning (disfunctioning rabid). We can control this?? We have to have 'non GMO' technology to separate us from them too. Our Black (from being tormented) seperate from their ugly evil black. Two types of blacks. Besides the Ones still around who still have light bodies. I don't think it was ever a fair set up! Some demons, that used to be Children, I believe just fell through the cracks! Somehow. Brave Freedom! Peace

*****This keeps on being removed

 Posted 7/2/2017:
Eevie, bogus set-ups are systemic 'fires' that deviates from the core 'fire'. Some are "chasing the I'd" (J7), spinning their wheels, playin 'mortal kombat'. It prompts a vicious cycle, being stuck in rut. We must be organized and systematic for Humanity's (ALL Creation with Natures' Existence and 'mindless' Creation), in the One Time Beginning). Freedom! Yes I agree, watch over each other. I imagine an individual lasso of each, connecting  themselves together in one whole unit for a mission. That way, if you get stuck somehow (you don't want P.H.!) your team can be collected back (in "A-Link" and 101% Protocoled of Selves and Soul Group/Family. Or "Scramble", "Scram Motion" out of a sitting duck situation. Other units also doing the "buddy check system", checking with each team/unit. To avoid all system failure and take over. Maintain good formula!!!!!! Volunteer, message board (like the Valkyrie/Bee movie) "PVC" (Professional Venus Company), as "friendlies", "buddy" and robotic (3rd party, pda, please don't forget the Cosmic Electric 'children' in there!). "PVC Slumber Parties" with no immorality sexual issues, an informal format but very formal A.C. (assistant command) and A.D. (assistant director, handling traffic). Working together, clearing floor and air space, for a functioning working platform). The main objective is RESCUE/SEPARATION (A.C.). With the Engineers, Support, and ALL Technologies. "Call Out", an informal individual assuming command for rescue and assistance for "worker bees". PVC's in small craft. "PVC Rescue Set-Up". "Purple Artichoke Formation", a  major Universal, revolution of an attempted take over. Evil causes confusion, that equals disconnect from other 'factions'. It literary takes the Whole Macro Universe, to fix this! We must have Unity. If your a 'solo artist', it's too confusing to do covert ops at this time ("Bad ? Department"). Two teams, The Lover's(Humanity) vs. evil, the haters. ****I first heard of "Dark Fleet", 5 months ago on SST YouTube video (very informative). A round table with 3 women. They said Dark Fleet wasn't good. I felt that they were mix, since after that. I think that anything that is Good, is possible! I use to say anything is possible. Anyway, any hand up, when you fall on the field, is a Good single value, that's how I would play it until you form an alliance. But even then, it can change totally in a split second (mind control)! I'm Only Ruled by Love. I want it that way. Doing 'evil' to counter Evil, from Love is ok. My latest totem mask working persona: "the angry granny, who didn't get none (not a witchypoo, complaining about too much air!)  With an umbrella, my weapon (it turns into), with a smiley face on top, for God. I have to pysch myself out with these working personas (but always Only Love Ruled).  Paying taxes to the assumed positioned "taxman(s)" isn't what life is about for me. Anyone 'coming' from a Good (Humanity) pov, allowing yourself to be evil, means your good isn't good, your evil playin! If compromised, other 'evil' self must be shown a better way, with Love and Acceptance of their Authentic, un-compromised by evil design Self!  It isn't a luxury we can afford to surrender to evil. We have to be Free and Appropriated by Providence, Godhead (only Love is Freedom!). Thats when we can be Rambunctious, Appropriated in the Macro Universe. They are imposters. They are NOT Rock n Roll (Humanity)! Perpetual Peace.   Brave Freedom

never know what milab has me doing...lucky to have a flash of memory. the memory erasure is so frequent and more than once in a 24 hour period....i now get sloshing pain on the left side of my head. It literally fucking sloshes. The heat is on....avoid milab when i can and work with allies. Been doing instant downloads into people's minds. Instant awake. I hold their mind together while the info settles in. Found myself doing this oob...narcoleptic oobs. 

lacking too much info to put it all together into anything that really makes sense. i'm kiinda pissed over it too. Doesn't make sense all factions with hold info. So i really trust no one. Everyone has their own agenda....doesn't involve the good of humanity. 


the chakra harness is the collection of chakras in livng beings on earth. It is an implant and a direct drain and why you stay tired so much, or ill, or in pain. This is how they do love bites as well. Since getting rid of the chakra love  bites. used them on me way too often but they access you thru the chakras. The pineal is natural...a part of our brains. Without the chakra harness it functions as it is supposed to. When interfered with by chakras it is not under our control and experience some freaky shit at times. That doesnt happen when there are no chakras. 


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