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What is your Gut instinct..Mute the sound and watch his body his eye language..or is this to painfully truthfull..

I care not for the profiteers of MUFONs, or trending hooker's in this truth speaking...

I care when another human has been beaten of his soul human kindness, and businessed alone!...such shameful acts against him could cause bad consequences between contact to contactee interstellar protection.

I meaning identification of universal peace, not earth id. I am not a teacher, or missionary and gain no place in trailblazing...l am simply love amongst a starving earth and will continue to telepathically heal those broken minds.

Meditation is key..

Truth... Peace..FIGU..


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Original Post

......'delete' the ones that are only for chasing id for instant satisfication. They are rabid bullies and evil lust is their chosen: mind, 'religion', lifestyle, business, recreation, food even, their breath. They are haters, who press buttons, just to hate more. I'm telling the truth. We can't hold them up as the rulers ('the elite's), of our Humanity (ALL Creation with Nature). Our own bodies holding up illegitmate nonsense!??! They are anti nature, anti Love.....anti everything (even anti-themselves). That equals compounded perpetual hell(s), concrete pain. Evil tries to destroy our Divine True Integrity of Sacred Nature (1st original Nature). No compromised nature, according to their crazy insane design! They are not good creators. Not us, in their pain threshold. Disrespect/pain rule of law, is not doable and not the baseline of Existence. They are not the Truth (Love), they are a horrible Lie that equals concrete pain. Now we must seize the End Time!! We cannot feed the evil hungry wolf (even their ego minds) and starve the good wolf (the old Cherokee Indian fable). Brave Freedom, Perpetual Peace, Comfort and Sanctity with Our Community of Sacred Divine Humanity, in All Now's and ALL Macros and ALL Micros! ALL INFINITY, times and spaces. No evil rule! Invictus, Love Conquers and Conquered All, Invictus~Love  Surrenders to Love! Thank you to the Ones that made it So! Wherever we are in the Macro Universe. FREE from evil: enslavement, design and/or rule. Stay out of my Grand Design!!! Which FREEDOM and the Absolution of Respect~Love~Love~Respect allows!  As the Macro Universes' Supreme Power and Divine Rule of Law and Order. For a perfect storm, separating us from evil. Appropriated, no extreme duality. Only Complimentary duality. A" non tolerence issue" approach in regards to awesome diversity. No opposition from stupid immature, rabid (who look sometimes 'normal'), no common sense peeps. For All infinity from the One Time Beginning in memorial.  O'Mother not in pain, not in vain, Ever! ALLMen , ALLTime*, ALLUniverse, AHMen! Love Rules!

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