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hello. years ago i learned about brain waves when i was learning about meditation. you can also create life by visualizing. knowing about brain waves may be able to assist you. so here is a short post on brain waves.

1. beta. we will start with beta. this is your awake state. this is how you live your life. not much info here.

2. alpha. the day dream state. this is a good state to start visualizing and creating. yet the next level might actually be the goal. at the same time alpha is when relaxing starts to occur.

3. theta. meditation state. this is between asleep and awake. the ideal state to imagine and create. perhaps with training you can go into theta in a trained way and possibly be more alert at the same time. entering silence is a good space to create your life.

4. delta. sleep state. this is more like lucid dreaming and dream walking training. however im not sure how you can train to dream walk without doing the meditation training. so perhaps aim for theta first if your a beginner.

that is the basic lecture. please note: be careful about what you think about before you sleep. simply because you can energize it into real life in a meditation state which you go through in order to sleep.

thats it for now. thanks for reading this info in a nutshell.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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