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this is more of a fun post. i have noticed abilities in the multidimensional super soldier community. so here is a list of powers and where they come from.

1. telepathy of course. this is more of a natural power. this has been used to sense what will be used against you in battle and even finding others when attempting to do a assassination.

2. telekinesis. self explanatory and it was a weapon that was always with you. this seems to be a more common power they bring out. however that does not make it less then any other ability. in fact a talented telekinetic can be very dangerous.

note: these first three can be in real life more then usual. like in classic mk ultra.

3. time manipulation. this was typical of monarch solutions. think of what a soldier can do if they can weaponize time. monarch is one of those groups that can possibly make technology that helps the average person do something with time. the game quantum break is soft disclosure.

4. super speed. Krueger has runners and they seem to have a speed ability. well speed combined with parkour. at least that group fights for the good of others. the game mirrors edge is a soft discloser.

5. the honorable mention is healing factor. this is more of a marvel thing but weapon x seems to have a real life version in a way. i personally have the feeling that umbrella corp like in resident evil would want to have healing super soldiers. there is a rumor that the hulk was with umbrella. the hulk seems to heal like wolverine as well. i just don't know or cant remember how fast.

well that is it for now. im sure they attempted to being out whatever abilities in the super soldier and related world. this was just a list of the more common abilities i heard of. you possibly have a alter with this kind of ability since your reading this. we would like to see a post if you remember anything. have a good one. - eclipse

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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