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     hello. this is an advanced post since its built on a hybrid life. so have a good one and see ya next time if you have trouble with it. the origin of this post is wrtiting this down so i can think clearly. everyone here is more then welcome to read. so this is the situation and idea in a nutshell.

perhaps we live in a realm that is powered by beings. as in power/life force is taken from them and actually is given to the realm they are in. perhaps you are one of these beings. which means you may pay for expririences with people whether good or bad and you pay for the stuff you keep so its a great idea to be minimalist. there are ways to still live a long time but that is not the topic. people like this may be able to rule thier life as a creator like is spoken in the new age community.

anyway i was adopted. its almost like my patrents are a satallite project of mk ultra. i wonder if i has anything to do with project surrogate. lets say they can be cool but they are controlling. they may also have a personality disorder. lets say its a version from the dark triangle of personality disorders. anyway they have controlled where i lived since i did not have much. for example saying stay in the apartment you live in or move to this apartment we are gonna own for you. they actually said the apartment is gonna be mine one day. surprise surprise they are not gonna give it to me. they are gonna give it to the golden child who never payed rent. anyway i had a decent set up for years. it was kinda cool no matter who owns it. i lived there by myself for most of the years.

now im gonna talk about modern day and my point. my parents are the type to still boss me around. when they are not even my blood line. they may be ok at raising kids but they should not be invovled with adults. you can say mental abuse is going on and they use the tactic of if i give to you then i own you. things just keep getting worse because of my fighting spirit. so what is the plan?

well looks like exploring my non humaness is my only option as far as keeping things legal. to the average human i look non productive. especially if i say i rather not look for work for the next few months because of my faith. anyway i could most likely create the proper money flow to move. one thing that is hard to grasp is my intent of having a nice place may be more effective if i move out of my place. hard to explain. the major plan: sorry about not getting strait to the point. well i have multiple furniture to deal with since its old or doesnt quite suit my needs. i have parents thinking they are still in charge because of the place i live in and the stuff they gave me. i also can no longer deal with someone about my own place unless its the police, a wife, or a landlord with real paperwork. solution: if im victorious in basic spiritual afairs then perhaps i should move to a hotel and then to a place after that. a house isnt really advised for me but a small house is a preference for my last years on earth. especially if the country  hit the fan. i would most likely put extra valubles in storage. so just writing this down because i would leave the furniture the parents gave me. also living in a hotel and then changing my cell number when i move again is a good tactic to loose uncool parents. my foster father can be ok but im not gonna wait for my foster mom to pass. other options like attemtping to go straight to an apartment or paying my parents for storage as i live in a hotel isnt the best options. on a side note: if i get rid of the big stuff i have then i can start over enough to create a minimalist  living space. that will be be benificial in my life situation. well let the healing begin. anyway thats just my idea for today.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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