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possible projects: umbrella, monark, darkfleet, murkoff, projects that effect dreams. Possible pizza gate survivor in general. project surrogate very possible. Especially if it affects adoption.

clone powers in general: telekinetic. Marksman who prefers auto fire.

Most interesting dream clones: darkness bending telekinetic, and someone who slays zombies/monsters. expirt with almost any weapon.

investigating connections to: kruger, monark umbrella refugee group, very odd connections weapon x as a alter timeline when im not a mutant by birth. plus earth projects like ibis. even montauk but montauk would need to send me back in time to program me. investigating multiple project and project stargate is one of them.

Noted possible symptoms: autism, desire to be a hard fighter, sayings from projects, missing time/time and space distortions, adoptee and formerly state custody

my forum title. i keep current title because everyone knows umbrella. Plus its the faction in my own scrambled memory. yet im always willing to change to something more fitting. this is for the record since my pofile is kind of umbrella corp themed so far.

feel free to comment your factions and projects

this is a on going post. sections will be added if i get updates from memories or readings.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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