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as you know i talk about topics like the umbrella corporation and beings who have abilities and may be depicted in entertainment. so here is some material from the acio website. its the official website ran by peter the insider and Jessica marrocco. i do not claim to be directly related to murg.

via the acio website:

The MURG are a group of highly gifted young individuals who mainly consist of hybrids and cross breeds. These individuals were originally groomed and programmed by corporations such as Monarch and Umbrella to use highly enhanced psychic, paranormal, and superhuman abilities similar to what is seen in the the Umbrella Academy or X-Men series.

Individuals within the MURG are typically put through dramatic levels of physical/mental abuse, mind control, and intense programming to the point that many of the members exhibit highly troubled mental states. At some point members of the MURG were able to escape their respective programming facilities and break free. In turn many of them have chosen to work together to begin working towards a more positive agenda while recovering from their previous traumas.

Members of the M.U.R.G. have made soft disclosure appearances in various video games such as the Life is Strange video game series, The Last of Us, Mirrors Edge, and even the Resident Evil series. The group known as “The Fireflys” are a group of refugee doctors who have joined the MURG to manage space-time travel systems. To this day, the M.U.R.G. is generally known to have robust access to various space-time traveling systems which allow them to have considerable influence on planetary affairs.

the videos that acio shared are these links.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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