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Very disturbing and disappointed to report ( via a Fb I just had to post recently due to Conscience , Public Concern and Responsibility ) regarding My Corporate inquiry on a Luxury brand Pharmaceutical Beauty  Product ( I have known since the 80s and I had recently purchased at a recent Business Closure at the Local German Alpine Village sadly closing nearby ) . Thinking Pepsi One , Pizzagate , Ehp Sra MH ,  H. 🀍

The copy of My Fb post below .

However , I really have to mention This To -

A Major Assault Attack at that   L * Kannabis store I posted here about prior. Not a Good follow up with Them!  I wasnt even planning to go there , however prompted. *+ I didnt want to go however I did It for God And ALLLL , ChildrenπŸ€πŸ©·πŸŒ πŸ™πŸ€

... across the street just prior littered with a walking hator flipping Me off , and I could see the pernacious security guard ,  edgy towards Me too about the same time ,  before the Occurrence with him as a ketu , ... *+

* + [  UM , some troll texted in this Post.  Somebody ' added the him. Which I never refer to a phoney imposter poser as a :  Person , He or She , Ever! They are Anti People And Peeps , HIM , Including Its. S , The D ??? NOT , A Him or She! A thingy Mindz , Not Of Flesh. KJv ]  * +


... david , s , d , male Id appearance   look ' ( Not of Flesh " Kjv , jez. mentality Ehp Sra mfh H.  Antis. ) relentlessly - Stalked by , had heated Words for a total of about 2 - 3 Minutes.  Confronted Me as a parking lot security guard ( African American in a bright Yellow uniform about 6 feet tall and Im 5 1.5  ) , blocked Me from going into the Secular Public Store  200 ft away , accosted  , pushed , shoved Me a back , And Then streamed " nasty mace into My Eye! Not even a Spray " ,  Extremely Rude , Evil !

The Store is very posh swanky . A Goddess image on the Mural on the Front of the building , ... the graphic Angel Wings logo and Beautiful Flowers and Nature motif ,    Collectibles Memorabilia Interior Decor , And the whole entire Industrial storefront building is exactly that nailpolish color I mentioned here ( in the image contrast of to , The image of The Bible. ( also the same Color of My painted room as a teen. A dark Teal.  )

*** So the Mace directly into My left Eye ! It wasnt even just a spray , a defined steady stream type of   Assault . Today I still felt some residual stinging that was about 4 Days ago .

... Right afterwhich I sat on the front ledge of the building videoed My immediate response . The perpetrator  , and 2 other Men there watching Me do that ,  not even asking if I was okay . Not Human Expression at ALL!  πŸ’—

*** And calling 911 was a complete Not Joke!  I tried several x s. Once when I got back , and It took 5 minutes to get an operator ( that I could assume was My neighbor here next door , crazily the 911 call was swiped too . The 911 operator ' linked My call to the paramedics " instead     [ to Incarcerate in a Hospital again , Isnt ever My wish Obviously ] ... Not to the Police to meet Me there to confront and make out a report , or something . Even the other department changed the departments name  , when I asked. Done that type of phone swamp too many times before . The Same familiars I noticed over and over  again . Even Police , Government  lines ...  !




🀍Very concerning. I purchased a product that I have known from the 1980s.

... Alpine Village nearby is closing and I purchased alot of German Bathe products ... and they had this there too .
A 20$ Lotion thinking I really need a Good one right now.

* Original " scent with Collegen Amino Acids , and Elastin Amino Acids , from What ? [ Im thinking the worst like Pepsi One , Cannabilsm and Pizzagate. ]  Lanolin from Ethical source would be another question .  What does " For Adult Use Only " mean on the label on the product ?     [ images ]

Called several times , no 800 customer service for an US Co. Business , just an automated' outgoing message to email them for questions due to high volume of calls '.  Their website seemed they were trying to imply they only do Corporate inquires as their main patrons ?? Email was over a week ago . [ image ]

Peta symbol also on the product description page , would indicate of Ethics.  ??  πŸ€πŸ’›πŸ’š  [ image ]

Lotion still sitting on My bureau ...  ~

And Another Horriffic incident occurred with the same Troll(zz) , around the same time This And Everything else.

Sheerist E*** Has to be Neutralized And Completely Eradicated!  ⬜️🀍

Not At ALL of Spectrum!

ALLLLWays PeaceLoveJoy Good IS🀍

Press on images to see full view



Stay Safe

Be Good And Respectful

ALLLLWays PeaceLoveJoy

Please Save And Rescue The ChiLdren  Us ALLLL from the Ehp Sra Mfh of H , Pain MachinE.  πŸ€πŸ’–πŸ™πŸŒ πŸŒŒβ¬œοΈπŸ©·πŸ€

Update :


* + [  UM , some troll texted in this Post. Somebody ' added the him " in refs. to ketu above.

Which I Never refer to a phoney Imposter poser - Not Of  :  Soul , Nature , Flesh , Blood , Mind , Poetry , PrincipLe , Word as a Person , Coin , WorLd  , A He or She , FamiLy  , Humanity  , Ever! Anti Gods Nature Beings , PrincipaLs from the get.

Anti : Nuclei FamiLy  , Nuclear FamiLy Humanity | Secular [ Public Foul ]  People And Peeps , HIM , She , Including Its. "  S , D ???

Anti Everthing too is NOT ! Not A Him Or She! Or Anything , Just a CONCEDED ...

(not  do conceited snarky Abnausiating snasties furthermore to The Innocent and Decent. To Themselves OnLy!  )                              In The ALLLL Verse And Way ~ Respect RuLe of Law Is  , To Be ! πŸ€πŸ’–

( The Pestilence issue  , pilstilence'  too )

... Thingy Mindz that made more PAIN machinE Full CircLe Nows [ Bye Nows !!! ] To Themselves,  Adulthooded! ~ Neutralized And Completely Eradicated InKarmaed Sras InVerbatimz InDeedz β–‘ β–ͺ︎ ]

No more d wannabeez kidz , trying to d and s hood Everyone And Everything!

ForeverInfinty PeaceLoveJoy  * +



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🀍🩡They ' are phoney , false want to beez,   πŸ€God or GoddessπŸ’–            Anti Nuclei FamiLy🀍

Jezebelz Agenda,  Crime Evilhatepain 666 Sra MachinE.

Hyjacked Humanity and Attacking Me Is Not Establishing an Establishment.

WorLd Is WorLd , Heaven Is Heaven , Nature Is Nature , Humanity Is Humanity 🀍

They are not Indigenous PeopLes of Nature , Cosmos | Cosmo , PrincipLe. Gods  Kingdom🀍  PrincipaLs . That would be Me too , Especially to My own Sovereign  Born Freed , Naturally Born Free Resumed  SeLf  ))))))))))πŸ€πŸ™πŸ’šβšͺ️🀍

Natures RuLe of Law Is Respect RuLe of Law. The Duh! That wanted to beez bitch in a Mans *+ form that is Not of Nature , PrincipLe  , Coin , Word or any Right to do that to Me or Anybody !

NO TRollz ! No Node mindz with Ehp agenda , in Quatum Mechanics,  NO !!!!

How are You calling that an Establishment  ? That sounds very blase' fancy terms for ' MFUs TROLLZ squatting and calling a posh , lush , and hush Hate Crime depot as a legit 'Business heist ? Business is Business , thats Not.

That looks like Paradise Lost .

  Attacking Me , Nuclei FamiLy  , Feminine Nature And PrincipLe , Goddess , Quatra Quatras , Yin of          🀍YinYang , Lo , Venus , Magdalena , Mary Magdalene Kjv ,  IsIs , Maat , Hathor , Sekhmet ( When I was Angry at Evil OnLy ! ) Hasheput , Nefertiti | tari , Pavariti , Cleopatra 1 through 7 , 8 * , Pochahantas , Tatiana Romanov ,  Lo , Mother , Lady , ))))))))))) Pri ~ Primordial Cosmos , Creatrix of  Original First Heaven , Moon [ As starting Foundation for Earth Home , Migration from Assultz And Attacks from where were Born , Nuclei , One FamiLy , Gods. Junior is God. Husband is Yang . There Is OnLy One Nuclei FamiLy πŸ€πŸ’›βšͺοΈβ¬œοΈπŸ’–πŸŒ  )))))))))) And This PLanet Earth , And ALLLLL Creation Is Under For And withe GodπŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ€

Many Incarnations I [  And We ] didnt Live Well to be in any Assultz And Attacks even in residual either way in Space and Experience , Natures PrincipLe.

To My Face And Being Constantly  , Not just in 3D , furthermore there and here too ??

By Trollz gmoed Hooding Me and My Children - dragged around suffocated and abused , for Cosmic Trillon Aeons.  That stance Assultz is What , as Establishment ? Constant Pain and agenda ,  thrival of the most E , As ?  Homebaseline ??  🀍

The Whole Entire Universe just recently turned into several x s over completely darkened with all dark matter and energy ( in the last 15 Years there was 8% left of untouched. ) ...  polyfragmented quatum encapsulated in ehp prisons , narcissistic with hate , pain , cannibalism [ andechrome worst than a [ I wrote 2 * + ] Years 🩷🀍 ago I see texted in My Minds Eye constantly . Sheerist E before . A party ' drug ??? THE FOULEST! ] , crazy black holes , snowing in Sunny California , flipping Logo Beings | Planets , Planets losing Life And Water . It's sounding like Blondies , Rapture song format Disclosure.  And Salvador Dalis surreal Nature Collasped. For What , Anti Whos ?  Pretenders , that are zing zongs wanting to do as a transvestite king kongz ??? War is ILLegal Too !

The D , s are Anti : Respecting Respect RuLe of Law , Love ( Nature ) FamiLy , People And Peeps including Air And ALLLL Element of ExistenceπŸ’›πŸ€

They ' are Not of :  SouL , BLood , Breathe , Heart , Existence withe My FamiLy , Children , Word , Coin , Life , Humanity  , GodsπŸ€πŸ’šπŸ©΅

[ I have done in the Past Humanity Platform building in The United States of America too.  Never Ever to be ' in Pain , Vanity or Vain , Happiness is a personal Existence  , not the devils sra ing on ALLLL ]

As Nuclei FamiLy Member ,  Feminine Nature of Gods , ALLLL Children Born Free Naturally.  No means No , No 666 Ive been saying out loud since 2012 , No Child in Evilhatepain Sra MachinE,  Pizzagate!    No 666 Sex protocol here on Ssf a few Years ago , a couple of times. Then I started to see It texted in My Minds View🀍

Basically promoting what they were suggesting on the Games of Thrones ( My Children watching the show , I caught a couple of episodes )  about 5 Years ago . One of the Kingdoms in the end finale , all decided to turn into Celebate Monks like The TempLars and Jesuits as their Tatic . Then when the show resumed after hiatis , They didnt mention anything about Them . Did they kindly skip over the Archon , negating the Dynamic  there ??  Maybe they said with that better to do That , a sneak out of It ( The Loop ) And To focus on Karma Police And D Control Instead.  πŸ€πŸ˜ŠπŸ©·πŸ©΅πŸ’šπŸ€



And Nows It looks extremely wicked stormy caustic Weather outside the window . And We are Not going to be Collasped in a black hole want to beez , because It didnt Get Laid in A Certain Way !  InVerbatimz InKarmaed InDeedz!  ⬜️βšͺ️🀍

Thats more than Business , It Is Humanity , Existence.  I Am Lady And that Is Not Okay on Me or Anybody 🀍 *+ I had to reedit That whole paragraph just above there  BTW.

Its Existence ALLLLLWays that matters most , Existences of ALLLLL Existence ALLLLLWays Is Gods FamiLy ,  Nuclei Nuclear FamiLy { Origin , First BLood , Breathe  , Beginning of ALLLL  Beginnings , Natures , Love } ALLLL FamiLy  is withe Nuclear FamiLy Humanity ALLLLL Verse βšͺοΈπŸ€πŸ©΅πŸ’–πŸŒ πŸŒŒβ¬œοΈπŸ’œβšͺ️🀍

And Um , I  just tried copying and pasting about 200 times just now before posting. And the paragraph I re-edited was totally given to Anti christ jezebelz | Azazle too . Along with My Morning and throat from screaming  . I can see in My Mindz Eye the whole morning jezebelz,  the one from down here at the desk , the one at the store , the one at the phone store  , .... everywhere in Quatum Mechanics , the same one (s too) doing Ehp Sra mfh H MachinE . Started screaming and yelling , cussing at ... didnt even have My Morning Water sip .

... Then was prompted  to see If F*ggitz were controlling My own ability to draw My own BLood. As Mother Nature 0 - rh , First Blood.        [ Apparently they are calling and doing satan lilith baphomet jez. lucifer ketu is ~  HoLy GraiL ? ]

.... The knife I have is a mini paring knife kinda dull , and I wasnt able to draw My own BLood. So What - They ' gave My Existence To Azazle , Jezebelz  ? And Nows I Am stucked in Perpetual worse than hell makings on Me , Being F*gged Everywhich Anti Way ???

InVerbatimz InDeedz Sras    The D s InKarmaed ForeverInfinty On u ! ⬜️  βšͺ️ 🀍


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🀍🌀βšͺ️ I meant to post this too . A product that I was allready purchasing before as a wannabe soapmaker. And there was a large bottle of It that was left at an Airbnb  , to Lease mission 🀍

The label is very Extensive.  I read It and was amazed at the content. The Soap Company started in Germany 1948

I Adore this Product ! And their Good Message. I highly recommend this purchase for both reasons. Pure Castile Soap . For numerous applications.  Great to use for camping , pure enough to use to wash in Nature.  They sell small bottles of at REI Santa Monica

The main thing about this entry too , is how they refer to Gods Planet as a           " Spaceship  "  ( on attached pictures ) . Which I Totally Dont Agree With ! Is that base on a contingentcy in order to Produce that type of Product with that type of copy , wording ?   



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.... and the Intial Item I posted about , The Company never emailed Me back  or the Customer Service for was functioning.

As a Public service and works , Humanity Company - Apparently Not.

And apparently no afforts to correct the confusion ?? of Pizzagate , 666 , Ehp Crimes  further.  🀍

I dont know what occurs after a Company has and or was hyjacked Too ?



To update on ....


So , I was walking by the Mace Attacker  at the Kannabis Shoppe across the street a couple weeks ago. The Security Guard ' charging across the now louder Security Guard signage at the parking  lot ( where I was Assultzed. )  ... with stride of militant surety ( the image on My photo files was changed instead of the That one ,  to 2 of them ( different than the Assaulter ) now the new ' picture , they in casual converse , accord appearance instead.

Not funny how that building color dark Teal is that nailpoilish color ( I disclaimed about and the Aluminum Powder in it come to discover on SSF . That color was also My teen bedroom painted color , that I chose and painted Myself with My Sis :  )  as roommates Not helping , I just recalled too  )    ~  The Goddess ,  Flowers , Nature motif obviously ( Abv. ) isnt their Archetype or PrincipLe OfπŸ€β›…οΈπŸ™πŸ©·πŸ©΅πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸŒ πŸŒŒπŸ€Anyway , soon after the other Kannabis  [ Kanna Bosm Kjv  ] Shoppe a couple blocks down just closed down too a couple weeks ago .  So nothing around here for over 2 Miles  ( No Car , And Bus System has allways had been Extremely Rude and sketchy Dangerous too ) Also , Quit smoking Cigarettes about 2 Months ago with the Vape ( for Proper Cessation ) However , outlawed them too just this Month ??


Attachments of  : the Security Guard station ' with the 2 instead ( image , 3 )  The Flower " ( image , 2 ) message on the side of the building . And an image of the front of the building ( 1 # )

PeaceLoveJoy ALLLLWays Be Good And Respectfull



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May 2 , 2023

Updates :

So much had occured further with the Lotion Co , And the actual Bottle in My possession was transformed Into half Its original purchased size! And It was about 2 inches below the top. And , I only tried about 2 times before reading the label carefully. No , Not My imagination !   Picture of attached.

And an email that was finally a response after @ Month of several inquires , over a week ago ( pending further information and research ) . It was unapologetic in tone , not answering specifically to My particular questions. Sounding kind of hoaky , about a page letter length ... Was to response further though. The website was supposedly redone too ' . A new online product description that was published , Isnt making further sense , after looking at It again.  An Original Scent too ... And was a Familar gangstalker Id marker of L' again!  πŸ’–πŸ€

And today about to post the email response @ over a week ago ( along with funny dates and tech on the gmail log.) , is now missing on My Gmail searches.... and now supposedly a prompt response was emailed and texting , ' We will get back to You ' ,  on March 13 ".  Not the many emails in regards in My phones data that actually occurred since a couple of Months now.

I have to check to see if any screenshots of the email response are there too ...


Took a picture of the nailpolish ingredients.  The other label is missing of however , the same brand with same Alumiun Powder " ( I cant even read it clearly ) I dont know what that is. It makes Me think of how Queen Elizabeth 1 got fatality Poisoned due to Makeup , I think It was Lead in the Facial Powder.   ??


Stay Safe PeaceLoveJoy ALLLLWays Be Good And RespectfullπŸ’›


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This is another concerning item that was given to Me at a boutique store  , about 4 months ago walking passing by , and window shopping in an affluent town place street in Los Angeles.  I went into a new  store , the Clerk gave Me a sample of some kind of Skincare product. I look at it mortified if It was another Pizzagate , Spaghettigate , Pepsione thing  , the package ( pic ) says , Stem Cell " . I said something and She said not tested in Animals , oh No , nothing e '. The packaging appears to be with different copy | text Now in print on the front packaging with , " Grape Stem Cells ". Im telling Yous , prior It was Not.

This type of thing has occurred several times  , even since 15 Years ago I notice really petty mockingly huge occurances that were extraordinarily byproduced'  totally off Spectrum of Normal and Natural.  πŸ€πŸ’—

I tried uploading a suggested App ( pic in attachments. Id marker of sedna , s , the d , jz ...  while dealing with the virus ) for checking ingredients with bar codes for mostly Cosmetics  and Food ,  the App really screwed My phone with a really annoying Virus that wouldnt leave after the phone was shut off a few times , trying to remove and force quit  , totally changed My Homepage interface , and forced a scheduled update Days later even , .... permissions into other Apps , that Finally went away after a few Days! Sim card still missing though.        πŸ€πŸ™πŸ’Ÿ

Update on the initial post , as far as the Lotion inquiry and rude emails ... It was more of the same . Sent Me an odd email after again ( several weeks ago )  Then basically all the emails were removed from My phones email log. Familiar Id marker again of L in Feminine appearance',  And Natures Beings Gmoed'.    πŸ€πŸ’—


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