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hello. i will post this in the public section to help others. This is a two part post but i will attempt to keep it in a nutshell. 

part 1 dreams by umbrella : dreams may be more real then we think so i keep track. well i usually am a being who mimics powers in dreams or has something simple like weaponized umbra kinesis. Well in two dreams i fought monsters which looked more like fast zombies. These dreams smelled like the umbrella faction by intuition. in the first one i was security for a building. In this one i killed a monster by his right arm pit. A move someone called Teah frome the s.s.p. mentioned. i was mostly using melee because i couldnt find guns. i found a ghoul friend behind a door when looking for guns. i almost killed him till someone said he was a friend. He didnt flinch and just asked if i was looking for ammo. yeah he was like the weapons and ammo guy who had plenty of ammo but no guns. second one... Well we where going to defend a town. It seemed more like a inside town. Just think like a dome over it. I say we because there where others there. i saw the first wave coming so i shouted "eyes on prize!". in this one we had guns. it was plastic ammo that acted like metal. The pistol i had ammo which was in a ring for a revolver. Like a child's toy called a cap gun. The pistol was white with a half an inch long button instead of a trigger. to my relief i found a submachine gun.  It was loaded with something that looks like zip ties. The third dream: this one goes with the main subject. It was a gang stalking dream. i dreamed that not only did they add objects to my place like a boom box but they rearranged stuff in my place as well. to make it more disturbing they had some stuff in a room that would suggest a love bite in the future. Such as a extra bed with girly decor that i would never use myself . so anyway perhaps they can gang stalk in dreams. 

Part 2: this report is in real life. i was on foot while i was taking care of something. physically i always think no biggie since i can walk longer then alot of people who are not in shape or trained. well within a hour i saw a helicopter pass like 4 times. then a plane flew over shortly after. there is a commercial airport around here but helicopters are rare. mr Anthony Zender did mention a project green star which involves milab fly over. I didnt find much on the topic. Creepy to think its aircraft that could shape shift into anything via visable light or cloak.  then when i was walking home a cop pulled over to asked me if i was "good/ok". Looks like its the same cop i ran into before.  even though i looked at him like "whats up?!" After i seen him eyeing me , i took the passive aggressive stance by asking if im being detained in response. Which makes me look like im into conspiracy groups. He said "no. Just asking if your good" so i started to interrupt his reply at some point and i said " im good then" and i just kept walking without saying bye. I was exhausted anyway and didnt care if he felt ignored. Doing that could have been a mistake but he didnt come back. Infact being chill might have activated my sneak ability. Which means to him i was there and when he turned around i wasnt there anymore. Usually people say i just show up. Yeah... vanished  Like batman. :/ if he wasnt startled he was frustrated. I sensed uneasiness in his direction either way. When i came home i didnt see a black car like the time i had words with the same cop. however the next night i seen a unfolded umbrella in the hallway. It looked dry to. so that is my possible gang stalking story. Which is more advanced then what i previously experienced. I see how they say gang stalking seems like coincidence but it could be harassment operations.  

Well i guess these two experiences gives me the official badge of the community. Aka level up! anyway you can comment any thoughts you have. Thanks for reading. 

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset/ Hybrid watcher

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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