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I had a very real dream once that I was being injected in the back by a white coated mad scientist. The pain got so bad I jumped back into my  asleep body.

Then a few months later I had another real dream where I was having fun and being taught a skill. The man teaching me then placed his hand over that site and again the pain got really bad, which again resulted in me slamming back into my body.

I have no idea why. But whatever it was has been removed. I do know that pain receptors are in the spine and maybe they were turning them up? So their torture is felt more by the brain.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)

@eevie i was pondering on the subject of injections . Dont know much about milab but i rememberd about heart chakras and how chakras are said to go through the body. So if someone has injections that effect chakras or use chakras as a gate then a shot in the back might exsist. I dont know why but i was reminded of acupuncture. So maybe shots can be used in some acupuncure locations . if im thinking about mad science i can see a shot in the back more likely then shot in the front. Question is if anyone has a shot available below the shoulders cuz i can see shot in back of neck happening. Anyway i Hope my speculation helps in some way. 

Whao did You ? I think maybe a way to Control And Contain the Black goo mind is to implement sequence (s)  to anti-node (who is now a beyond ridiculous huge black mole " , Jezebel  wannaBee ) to Null And Fill the Void with #Fain | Karma tech n contained in Satins Cube "  ........ Whatever it takes Professional with Providence,   In Absolution We Are Free  )

The black goo I believe has something to do bapht ' the source mind/ evil erectus node (now mas. n mag. (Trying to get to malignant , the Whole of Creation , ALL Humanity n All The Universe ) a mole n/mindscape as Jezebel of The Mother full Circle Self/ves* N God N EveryOne N Everything ??  《 * the ?? " Somebody added ! ISNT/WASNT WHAT I SAID ! ( ?? From a 3rd peep ! 》 into Null And Void Filled with #Fain | Pain Karma (returned back to sender(z) source (z) , the machine of all evil , the top ones : Finited evil mindz , all compounded in one place | Satins " Cube*  , with Time stilling the work Space , N also ALL Moment of Space too tech too (in case Time isnt working) .   Incan.  (A very dangerous word to spell out even or say out loud or in Your mind, it's a long occult word), Itcant " . Universal snap shot too to hold still n for Intel. in an event or occurrence to see who the evil companies working n charge the with Karma Technology          ~ Sheilds , Protection n Comfortors for Engineers And Technicians .........  I'm trying to orchestrate in Pineal N Telepathically  . It's so messed up this Morning with Micro Technology, shrinking something or somebody's mind tech , N now they' took the tech in messed with the All Dimensional Space around in the old labyrinth matrix/flat N also Micro No P.h. n No P.H. (Perpt. h*ll) Technology [For Rescue techniques "' ) because they were hurting People in Microscopic level too . The Entire Macro Universe is so f'd up in what I'm seeing N feeling in 3d even You Guys , It Better Not Be True that way * Who is allowing this ? They  , The Hatetors are trying to destroy the Entire Universe every which way .

Divine Division, No gmo , no Jezebel (now* men too), no evil erectus  !!!!!! Ombre Fashion with the Good the Bad the 'Ugly ' . Please contain the Ugliest/ evil troll mindz !!!!!!!! Total Chaos ! Who are anti- Nature  N anti - Love | Not of Natire , Not of Coin as Liar posers of sheerist evil  , ALL evil in the ALL Universe . We cant fall into an abyss black Hole swallowed up , it cant be Undone +* Heaven Help Us +💟

Authentic Nature  , Authentic Mind Authentic Genuine Life, Authentic Existence  . Please help Authentic Genuine  Providence ~ ChristLord InLove OnLy ~  ALL Macrios ALL Micrios  +💟💖🌌💥✅)))))))))))))))))

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And its pizzagate n ALL the evils in the Bible n the Universe, n that's okay ? It's not a controlled Crime designed spree . Its Total Yin~Yang Disfunct with King Kong Ding Dongs  Zing Zongs/mindz trying to play it off , like they are CooLax n can handle it , with People Zoiding out in there N Everwhere n Everything fraying are You joking +* Men eating n beating Babies n Human n Humanity for un Godly sex  ? Not Okay

Hi. @eevie hmm. I was thinking on the black goo topic. So thanks for your question but i never had black goo. The thing is i think black goo is related to nano tech! Black goo may also be related to murcury and black goo is said to be mono automic. I hear injections have murcury but i wonder how many injections are related to black goo. Especially since black goo seems to be programmable matter . im starting to think black goo is the comic venom simbiote of the real world. 

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