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Molecule Man/Nate Grey on Jin & Tartary / Tartaria

Now on Rumble, Youtube and Molecule man has returned by popular demand.  If you have any questions for Molecule man please let me know on the forum or in private chat.  

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@Nate YPX Grey actually molecule man does a good job with helping putting stuff together. here are the topics i suspected but he confirmed  as far as my progress in listening. the nature of the autism spectrum, evolving humans, how abilities might relate to kundalini, manifesting out of thin air, manifesting a field around you that you can probably call a halo, energy vampires, multiple timelines, existence of jinn in general,  and how the subconscious is connected to the matrix and abilities to name a few. since he mentioned the spine and energy work i will add that knowing about sex!ual transmutation will help someone study that kind of energy work. i would love to see the series turn into several shows!

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

Molecule Man and Nate Grey on Elvis, Comics, Gods, and Sexuality

New Interview with Molecule Man!

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