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i felt like i had to look into triggering music. i found a whole compilation that may call some to action. so i will always have to listen to this with my guard up or just scan it for education. this all started when i noticed that heavy modern beats could be triggering. lyrics can play a role to. this will most likely happen in rap or hiphop. now i found music that sounds like hip hop and trap hybrid. i def cant listen to a handful of cardi b songs. anyway here is the link. education only for alot of us. official trigger warning.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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I dovetail , Cognizantly change the lyrics to positive Good lyrics if Not sounding and or feeling with Good intent while signing and Dancing ‘ in My Minds Eye … , trying to slough off Worry withe momentary coffeebreak ‘ Of Mindful ( 3 rd Eye And Ear.. ) Purpose For Humanity , Gods Kingdom ! 🤍💖💙🌌💜🙏🏻⚪️

An E person told Me to do ( “ dovetail “ ) when in discovering Krishna   philosophy ‘ years ago .

Dont forget Humanity Platform offers Freedom of Artistic Experience and Expression !

I think so too with the trance like tech with the hip hop , rap . Even though Rappers Delight “ collaboration in the late 70s ( when  I was dancing to when a tween in Elementary School )  was doing Disclosure . So Not all rap , hip hop is E .  It started as Telling . Like Punk Music …

Also , Dancing ‘ isnt only a physical  thing  , It all starts in The Mind . “ No room for the weak “ ( frome the 80s    Joy Division s , Ian Curtis lyrics , Day of The Lords ) means No Powerfully Stupid Too !

Photo : Of TJs product Today I saw online . Love Will Tear ‘ Us Apart                    
~ Joy Division⚪️
LoveJoy Division🤍🙏🏻🌌



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