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To report the most flabbergastic spectacular contact with Cosmic Beings from G3 Solar System. On Tuesday, @9:00pm 3/21/2017. Still buzzing in awe of this magnanimous event that occurred at the outside backsteps of my house. I looked at the Brookline, MA slight SW night sky. To notice additional stars in a new placement, from the night before. As I focused more, the most amazing 'star' movements started a 'play'. At first a descending 'star' spray of about 1,000  fine 'star' points fell down like a cascading 'firework' from above. Then occurred a few moving constellation formations. After which, a precessional 'pineal imaged motion graphics'  display of 'star' imagery played out dipicting many scenes in the sky. First, a horse galloping, then the horse being struck down by a spear and falling. Another, a scene where two very bright stars, facing each other, indicating  faces with bodies in a verbal and physical altercation scene. Another scene, dipicting 2 people with 4 hands, wrapping what appears to be dry spaghetti in linen. There were about two more scenes dipicting Earth scenes. Very intricate, alpha intelligent 'star choreography'. Simply astounding! Then a telepathic conversation, with "pineal texting" ensued. Steming from other big 'stars' higher above ( about three main ones) for about 17 minutes. Then another two big 'stars' in the foreground with fine line geometric spirographic 'halos' surrounding each two. They preceded to descend towards me, as if coming in closer to observe me. This of course alerted me and they resended back up. This happened twice. They were very pleasant and friendly. They said they're insectitoid, like Ants, about 4' - 5'ft. tall, with antennas for communication apititude. They conveyed that the entire Macro Universe is aware of monumental Earth and Humanity events at this precarious inticing time. I'm wasn't on drugs or alcohol. Exciting!

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Thank you LongTimeMilab, for your concern and advice. I have been aware of
this. In 2003, I saw in the night sky, a 'Blue Beam' hologram. It's was
really impressive with the Moon being displayed in a massive creative way.
Stars coming down towards me. However, I right away thought hologram.
Despite being new to this interaction and just being initiated
telepathically at the time. In 2008 in Portland, Or, I reported to MUFON a
UFO 'sighting'. I telepathically communicated with an UFO/ET. With me
asking, if they can hear me, please move your craft in a circle. They
attempted but wasn't really able to. But they were able to move their
craft, making a triangular formation. In London last year, I saw another
impressive display with Moon as well, which seemed more organic with clouds
framing the natural Moon in various ways. This time (March 22, 2017) seemed
extremely ultra hi tech and very impressive. Either 'they' (BlueBeam) upped
their game or it was truly an ET contact with superior 'technology'. I've
been severely targeted. 3d and 4/5d. Technologically messed with all the time.

Supposedly, according to "Peter", I'm
a Monarch scientist. Supposedly, Kruger tried to trade for me but 'I was
too scared' to make that leap off. I have been excommunicated basically
from Peter. Who was trying to mediate for me. I only serve Love, the Good
side. I don't really know much about these milabs. I was telepathically
awakened, starting in 2003. They told me I was someone famous. But a I
didn't believe them.They hospitalized me over 30 times. The doctors
themselves said they didn't know why I was there, several times. I'm
cognizantly, conscientiously, coherently, empathetically sane. I don't know how because the most insane
things has happened to me, besides these visions and interactions. They tried to kill me
many times. I'm a very regular, 'normal' type of person. A  highschool dropout. A homemaker even. Don't own a house or car. Centered based with ego-identity/self esteem. Feminine., like, "I  think I can" mentality. More of a broad type of thinking, more empathetically aware. Primarily, a Now thinking. To me , Ego is a more male type of feeling. It's  more focused thinking. The bullseye. More apathetic, not in a an evil way but can be. I think it's more of, "I can because I did before'. Like wearing your trophies of past conquering. Anyway, LongTimeMilab, I'm not really an Ego type. But when very angry (for very good reason) I turn into a Super-Ego. Im gonna f*** U up! Kinda of feeling/thinking. ****This was really hard to add from last night. Way more interference, with not only the white boxes over the typing area, now with highlighted sentences, as if selecting all, with cursors every which way, changing. Ridiculous technology. The truth shall set us free! Thanks to the good Techies!

Im in  a telepathic ongoing 24/7 conversation since 2010. Don't know what to

think, just hoping this will all resolve quickly! Anyway, thanks for your
reach out, I appreciate it. Its getting really scary. God bless.

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To add to my additional reply, two above, from this morning. Regarding Ego. Ego blocks Love. Not being receptive (feminine aspect, Yin). To understand what your dealing with. Ego is typically the males, aggressive quality or nature, Yang. Both are good qualities if coming from Love for the greater good. So basically, when dealing with these activities, like encounters of an esoteric nature. I'm receptive, taking it in and being aggressive with my mind in analysis for the greater good. Always respecting Nature first, then spiritualizing the event. With all these deception and illusion technologies, it's very easy to be in delusion. To me, Empathy is the single most valuable practice and tool or over ruling these attacks. Along with analyzing consistency and trend of all factors involved. Can't really judge with profiency with one event or factor. I find this strategy most helpful. ****Oh, always use common sense. If you put you hand in the fire, it hurts and it can damage. It's a no brainier not to do it. It's humanistic thinking. Does it serve instant satisfication or does serve the long term of it? If you are a SuperSouldier and you are immune to pain or damage, think about who are you serving? Yourself ultimately? Is it a sport or recreation? Or a very bad ,not fun result, no Humanity at all. Humanity is/was intended to be without evil enslavement. Freewill. Respect as the base for all rules and laws, for a self governing society. Extreme duality doesn't work, it's always friction. No balance or harmony. For the few rabid, insane, who don't have your best interest at heart. Humane for Humanity (all Creation in the Macro Universe) includes extinction as a fail safe, an exit from what can't be fixed and is not doable for existing. Survival should not be the baseline for existing. What's the point of it when you can't live in a decent way?

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To LongTimeMilab,
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I reciprocate genuinely and more! We
are all in this together im afraid. It didn't start that way. Anything that
moves as nature is a target basically, apparently.
I have a lot of History of Existence and Creation, intel/information, I posted on The Bases Project (Miles J.)
that was removed/censored. Whole blocks of thread. I'm going to
repost them (hopefully without any hitches) on another fb page, other than
my own personal fb page. Including other information I received from my
24/7 telepathic conversation with a very questionable source. It seems to
be Truth. I want to validate and have confirmation with reputable sources.
I will let SuperSoldierForum know.

I feel I will be one of the very last to get off this stinking ship of
fools. The stench!

Perpetual Peace and Love~Joy in All Macro and Micro Times and Spaces to, of and for Divine Sacred Humanity, to You, your Loved Ones and your Network. Thank you to The Sacred Beings that Made and Make it so!

AHMen, AHBeing, OBeing, AHMen

****** Tried to make important additional here, absolutely didn't let me. New technique with no copy and paste anymore, and earasing technology! Crazy. We have to conquer this! Invictus, Love Conquers All, Invictus! Love surrenders to Love, Itself!

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