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I was just remembering how peter the insider claims John Cena is a hybrid in a super soldier way.

then I thought of Becky Lynch! she has the same last name as my grandma from Ireland. I think Lynch was a wealthy Irish family and Becky Lynch might be a hybrid herself. Not sure if she is an elite or engineered or a straight up entity. knowing my genetics something is up.

have you thought of hybrids and engineered people in entertainment before? perhaps we have engineered celebs. Such as possibly people in music. maybe celebs and athletes if all kinds are involved. they could be hybrids or lab born people or clones. I guess I will never know. the elites have been messing with entertainment for years. Not just brain washed celebs. food for thought. one can look up clones and organic robotoids and celebs if you wanna see for yourself. watching reptilians under cover as celebs and politicians is also interesting.

P.s. if you know becky Lynch " the man" tell her I would love to meet her. 😀 Especially she may be a cousin of the lynch clan.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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