My post was removed from yesterday asking for help and assistance! Update:

Reposting and Response to my asking for help and assistance yesterday:

Well someone contacted me on Nate's ypx news line messenger format this morning (from my 9.23.2017 post here SSF and on Nate ypx news messenger line). The responder said he "just pulled in" the driveway. I was outside infront at the same time he texted on messenger/Nate's ypx news feed line. At the hotel in 3d.  I didn't see him. He didn't text back either, since @7:40 am. A few chimed in the thread (messenger).  No advice on how to proceed from Nate or anyone. Nate, who didn't seem to know what I was referring to in short response. A person, approaching the hotel, in a take over type of situation. In a police state type of environment and territory(ies). In response to my asking for help, MIA. Now, checked out of hotel. To Burbank, coming back to South Bay area in a few hours. Probably another hotel. Hope and Wish ALL Is Well! ��

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This, I think was one of my original post/s here last night 9.23.2017, that was removed:

Explanation of what occurred:

"This is what happened basically: The mgr. very rude to me and he was making a huge fuss, very hostile covert. Singleing me out. Right away when walking into the lobby. He was at the coffee service table towards the back, asking if I was a guest, in a non professional, non cordial manner. Totally treated as an indigene. I showed him my two keys of this hotel, in already my hand. Then he approached me while I was having tea, for my Id. I showed him keys again, he insisted for Id. "Keys on your machine should match the name on room", I said. Nope, he insisted for Id. I showed him my passport. He took off with it, to the desk to look me up. I followed. He asked for the name again, the person on the room and my specific name on the rooms occupants roster. Obviously, not all our names on there. Didnt treat the several casual guest in transit during this time, that way. He also admitted that he saw me yesterday. Way RUDE, in between too. He was asking for my ex's where abouts several times too. Said he was going to call the police because I was making him feel uncomfortable! After he instigated it! He was very tricky with calm covert dialogue, that was cliche' and very hostile. LYING! He said Hilton didn't own this hotel. Mr. Patel on the biz card at the front desk does!
I told him that I was a highly targeted person, he said, "I know". Then I said how do you know, he said, "because you told me". Everything else I said, he disagreed with. It's total police state feeling here. The whole South Bay, I've noticed but especially in Hermosa. And I have Kannabis, which State law allows. Rec just passed but very political. Not legal in Hermosa?? Anyway, I was born in Los Angeles, since the 70's this was a political thing. I feel very threatened here. I don't want to be caged up again in jail or the hospital/incarceration scheme. Very dangerous! Insane! Please help. Very bad in 3d and 4d n d's. Seeing a lot of familiars too. Especially in the last couple of hotels here".


I am sensing that super soldiers are going through the process of recalibration, but in this way things can become derailed, its in the interest of all of us to work on setting the process into some form of clarity for ourselves, start by taking over your mind process and following the heart setting the intentions in place. Remember that we as super soldiers are going through this first, because the malevolence wants us to be the perfect soldiers to herd the masses, take charge now, in support !

whitelion342 posted:

I am sensing that super soldiers are going through the process of recalibration, but in this way things can become derailed, its in the interest of all of us to work on setting the process into some form of clarity for ourselves, start by taking over your mind process and following the heart setting the intentions in place. Remember that we as super soldiers are going through this first, because the malevolence wants us to be the perfect soldiers to herd the masses, take charge now, in support !

It's really important for us all to be in synergy with our MIND, conjoined with our own legit authentic: body, soul and spirit which equal Heart feeling. I don't always feel my heart feeling. It's really my soul with a mental spiritual focus with my Mind to conquer evil. My Heart chimes in when it really affects me extra profoundly in my Mind, body soul and spirit. I know Eevie mentioned here about how the mind control is too powerful (which I agree but its easily erased as an issue, with tech, shields and armor) and to focus on the heart: empathy, sympathy, compassion, even pity.... to those who are not evil. Remember, evil chose to be evil, with us paying for 'them'?? I don't think that it works, to discount our minds. Its asinine. It's a convenient excuse mechanism. Because that's what they are = evil mind. They don't have legit bodies,  that are human/Humanity feeling. Natural. It's so convoluted that our minds *****added~  has to access all those prob fake evil gmo soul consciousness feelings?? Your own feelings in other words? Or your Heart?? MUST***Somebody added "our minds MUST match....." match our** ........heart, soul feeling, spiritual sixth sense for Humanity (Freedom from evil rule and/or design). Everything starts with a thought and ends with a thought! If reclining to accept an evil mind or an mind being infiltrated format by evil as a norm. It would indicate that you would be consciously accepting it, knowingly! No way can you be a SuperSouldier that way. That's what they want. All to be reprobate, wicked, evil. Yes, get into your heart feeling, when and if something is out of control, you can't help it, it's natural. But how do you know if it's your own feeling and legit topic, now a days? Could be false with all the tech, deception and hard core evil agenda. Your MIND has to be in charge, with aptitude to know if you are being manipulated. Based on common sense, true factors/elements, synergy of your own legit, expressions of mind, body, soul, spirit =heart. You could be showing 'heart' to the opposition to Humanity. Set up that way and you feeding the evil machine, if you don't know truly what you are doing! Archetypally, to only rely only on heart it works but if you don't consciously know to who and what 'they'?? rep, you could be feeding the evil machine by discounting your most important ability. It's not a lala land, it's so evil! Your Mind with cognizantly, corherrantly, consciencely and consciously, knowing. You Process with the mind knowing, along with other appitude parts: body, soul, spirit and heart chiming in if it does. Thats how you come to an ultimate conclusion! In your Mind, first and last with everything! You know how why they want you to discount your mind? Because if you consciously, knowingly serve: evil, evil design, evil agenda, you basically turn into reprobate instantly and it's extremely difficult to prove that you are not f*g! That's why 'they' set it up to be a 'mindless thing'. So they can do the "rinse and repeat thing with you and others", without losing what's left of your Humanity. For those who don't have souls and/or heart (because they fell through the cracks and was a victim in this), rely on your mind with common sense. Trust in consistency and trend with all things but also have Appreciation and Gratitude for a single value, helping hand! Evil is based on a Lie and it only buys more time to do evil. Eventually it will catch up. Please wake up! Unity! Hopefully, with Humanity and Sacred Universe out of the mess that's definitely not doable! ❤ Love Rules!

I do agree with you Whitelion342... they are making a change in the energy that is being sent.  I feel it.  Cosmicdancer.... when meditating, work on your heart chakra.  I have to constantly work on mine.  I can now feel it.  The cabal is working overtime to get us in for the fight.  We must resist... I know that it is hard for me not to get emotional.  But I am working on stopping taking a deep breath and thinking is this me or is this the cabal wanting me to react.  I ask myself what it is that I am really feeling, why am I upset?  What is it that is triggering me.  We all need to keep a level head and concentrate on peace and love. By using positive energy we can stop the negatives and win this.   

Be the change you wish to see in the world..... Marvel

Ultimately we all have choice, no matter how it is hidden in the BS, it is there. Sometimes you only realize it when you have gone past the moment, (often in my case) but back up if you must and take a good look and you will see the moment. Evil or good are choices, no matter how hidden they are from us. Using a mantra to overcome the external and internal negative programming helps neutralize the subconscious mind's control of our hearts, helps to neutralize the triggers as they occur. The more you say positive affirmations out loud the weaker the triggers become and you will also be able to recognize them before they affect you too badly, ultimately help you to move away from dangerous situations before you are overcome. Supporting you all with loving energy into your heart centre.

.....they have tech, where your soul feeling energy, with 'gmo' consciousness tech is not your own true feeling or thought. It propels you to do something not true! You thinking, it's your feeling****???? Who or what is your Master??*, and it's not! It's synthetic 'play' from evil design/agenda. If your not a practiced TrutheR (especially of your true authentic self) you probably wouldn't know if you were being played??*. I've been so cried out in my soul already, to hold on and focus on my already spent and taxed heart would take me away from my focus and Will. To Conquer evil With Respect~Love~Love~Respect formula (Love= Truth, Comfort, Freedom, etc....). To be in Love is for a much more simpler time! Love is being attacked, no room for romance, even the dream romance of Divine Humanity, I'm sad to say. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it. Heart feeling constantly (which is unnatural* an unnatural continum, nature has/had seasons*) can also atrophy mind  thinking. ******** It's like getting over a bad  relationship, you can't  be ruled by emotions/feelings. It could be inappropriate to your grand design  ultimately***** and now it's very serious!!!!**** .It's time to be smart for Humanity and ALL Universe! Can't be stuck in a false dream, a f*g set up and 'their' perimeters??????, NO!  ❤

*******Invictus Adoramus********


** 'You still have made a choice, even though you still have chose to not to choose'. As one of the poor excuse mechanism/s and schism/s?????. In that case please schism away from me and all I care and feel for. Even if I can't feel my heart anymore, most of the time. From being numb not being concrete evil! ��  Rush ~Freewill~

Ms. Marvel, Who are they? And why would someone be changing a Cosmic Logos/Beings nature?? Re: "changing the energy being sent". Nature, Cosmic Light, Elementals, etc.... (are actual peeps). That's not respectful to change someone's nature. For who? So losers can feel? When they should have been thinking with their own minds practicing making LoveLight legitimately? The losers had to think differently, to = different energy! Not put another being in the mix so the loser can feel. Are you really buying that? So rude to the Nature Beings! Just because they can't verbally talk doesn't mean they are not a consciouness or person! 'GMO' tech is sounding very blase', no?

The wars in the Middle East- it's all about the function and gaining of the stargate there.  HARP and CERN can emit frequency that can cause a difference in vibrational frequency... it changes the emotion of an individual- it's how they get duress in different areas... 

Be the change you wish to see in the world..... Marvel

I feel like it should be of common interest for anyone, anybody or anything to be in a neutral Complimentary duality society. Obviously?? It shouldn't be there, here or anywhere. Unless it's Appropriated by GodHead. War is evil recreation. Especially now, the End Times, on God's and Mother's planet of LOVE. Not cool what it equals.

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