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this is the video of me on Galaxy of Unity with Apollymi Mandolion

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🤍👋😊⛅️💖🙏🌌🦋⚪️⬜️ Hi Nate , hope Yous are well.  I met a friend when in London , We were staying at the same place.  She is from Capetown ( and Germany ) and Her FamiLy was a known German FamiLy both in Vitch and Nazi , She said Her Grandfather was an early Hilter defecter [ Sounenbaun , the spelling ?? ,  Smit ) And Her FamiLy had articles in German Museum , And is a Heiress to a mass of German Forest Land.

*+ ~  She told Me She was a Test Tube Baby " , basically Engineered' like You said. And Her Father looked like ( She showed Me a Picture of ) a Hilter , a David and Her Mom , a , the jezebel " ( zillions' now in Quatum *+ ) Who She told Me was diagnosed with the label " Narcissistic Disorder " ( this was in 2016 ) ,  I couldnt believe such a diagnosis when She told Me that , I had never heard of that before ,  a formal psychologist diagnosis for Evil. Digress ]  ~  So I told Her even if thats true You still come from the ALLLL :  ) The most Incredible Artist ... Illustratrator , Music Producer , Photographer , beyond belief ! Beautiful Person inside and out. However , there was the other mixed in from the L , S , anti FamiLy | Love , Secular sub agenda , the anti Human , anti Nature , anti Culture agenda , The Esoteric And the Exo ,  the Programs , Government" ?? of ehp sra H MachinE. She wasnt of good physical health , I think also because a Natural Being -  hijacked , polyfragmented Assultz' of mk.  Ehp To be Erradicated And Neturalized! 🤍🙏 I think She was psyopsing Me Spiritually too . She mentioned something odd , that they were planning to leave Planet Earth ' too . She wanted Me to move and stay with them in South Africa for a  while , I would Not because I want to be withe My FamiLy , My Children who I havent seen in over 4 Years now.  🤍

Nate , also the original official Music video for Depeche Modes , Get The Balance Right " It shows a young Male Child in some kind of Mk lab ( sung with English accents ) where they are wearing lab coats while caring for the Child in the lab isolation , in a Protective manner , and the lab coat Men were dueling with a counter force , the other ones shown trying to stir their bumper car wheels as they were trying to drive  , ... Duality dichotomy .

Also in Metallicas , One " original official video set in a war setting , A Male Child is isolated without His hands and legs in a tuberculosis vessel ... , in the opening video scene , It appears 2 large digital X X s (  like some kind of lab , not a hospital. ) as the door opens and the Military Men are walking to Rescue the young Child. Held captive that way , And the Miltary Officers were demanding Humanity and Mercy for Him *+ 🤍

I dont why I keep on thinking Draco is The Nordics , The Vikings .   ??   ðŸ¤       

💟Gods  ~  Humanity       PeaceLoveJoy ALways 🤍

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